weekly wrap-up 1/18

Hi guys! Another week down – January’s quickly coming to an end! Mail-wise, this was a slow week, but it allowed me to get into some backlists so that’s a-okay with me!

That lovely is Elizabeth Marie Pope’s The Sherwood Ring, a YA historical fantasy novel from the 1950s. When I go for backlists I don’t mess around. It kills me that Pope only wrote one other novel, 1970’s The Perilous Gard, which I gushed over back in 2012:

Take note, YA authors: this is how romance should be done. Kate and Christopher’s relationship takes the course of the book to come to fruition. They start out as strangers – stubborn Christopher barely glances at Kate – then a friendship and companionship develops, ultimately leading to romance. It was slow and quiet and absolutely perfect. Kate and Christopher each have flaws and the other not only acknowledges those flaws (no drop-dead gorgeous, perfect people here), but accepts those flaws and it’s all I can do not to type a wall of exclamation points. ♥ Sheer brilliance.

Yep, TPG is perfect and I’m absolutely, completely, 100% positive I’ll love The Sherwood Ring too.

In Case You Missed It
I kicked off the week with a venture into uncharted territory: Amish fiction. The Beekeeper’s Son is the start to a new series and, while it was enjoyable while it lasted (and made my heart beat a little faster with all the bee/beekeeping talk!), I wasn’t sad when it was over. Entirely predictable, this is a novel for die-hard fans of the genre or possibly someone looking for an easy, light-hearted read that doesn’t require any effort.

Um how have I not read any Stewart O’Nan before?! West of Sunset is a novel I’ve been talking about for a few months now – and even previewed it in my top reads of 2014 post! West of Sunset peels away nights of flappers and endless gin to show the end result: a 40-year-old F. Scott Fitzgerald, broke and broken. Zelda is in an asylum, their daughter is heading off to college, and Scott is headed out west to try his hand at writing scripts for Hollywood. This is a heartbreaking and raw novel that made me feel ten kinds of feels. There’s namedropping galore (even a scene with a pint-sized Shirley Temple) and my boy Papa Hemingway! Definitely a novel to check out.

Shari Goldhagen’s In Some Other World, Maybe shows that it’s okay to judge books by their oh so pretty covers – and that, sometimes, the insides are even better! ISOWM follows a group of teens through adolescence and on into adulthood as their lives intersect. I mentioned in my review that, in another writer’s hands, this entire book could have fallen apart, but Shari writes a way that I completely believed these characters’ lives could interweave over state lines and decades.

Have you read any of these books?? What did you think? What books are you reading right now?

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