weekly wrap-up 1/11

Another week down! It looks like it’s definitely winter here – we were spoiled with the super mild temperatures in December (some days I didn’t need a coat!). Remember last year’s Polar Vortex?


Snow + bitter cold temperatures with below zero windchills = a sad Leah.

To make up for the quiet of last week, this week I got a bunch of books!

Elisabeth, the Princess Bride by Barry Denenberg
I’ve made it a personal mission to complete my collection of Dear America and Royal Diaries books. I actually had no idea this one even existed until I read the AMAZING The Accidental Empress (the review will go live in February!) and wanted to know a little more about Sisi. I found out about this book and I was sold.

Waistcoats & Weaponry (Finishing School #3) by Gail Carriger
Last month I fangirling something hard over the first two books in this series and immediately bought the third. It arrived this week and I’m currently working my way through it!

The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
An elite society comprised of writers. A mysterious ritual known as ‘The Game.’ A new member who uncovers disturbing secrets. This novel is from “Finland’s best kept literary secret” and is described as “Twin Peaks-meets-Brothers Grimm.” Sign me up! (Thank you, Thomas Dunne!)
Unbecomming by Rebecca Scherm

Although I know NOTHING about art, I’m a big fan of art novels and Unbecomming sounds like something right up my alley! An art heist gone bad, a cat-and-mouse web of deception, this has Leah written all over it! I’m especially intrigued by the comparisons to Hitchcock, Highsmith, and Donna Tartt (although comparisons aren’t necessarily a good thing) but it’s Viking and y’all know how much I love them! (Thank you, Viking!)

In Case You Missed It
my first #hailtotheking review! Revival was incredible – I powered through its 400 pages in a single sitting! The ending left me wanting and it wasn’t nearly as creepy and chilling as I had hoped (hello, this is Stephen King) but it was still an excellent read and definitely a contender for a top read of the year!

A new GoodReads Recommends post, this time based on a novel I discovered through the first GR Recs post: Glow! Will luck strike twice?

2 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 1/11

  1. I’m not sure you’ll learn anything new in the Royal Diaries book since you’ve already read TAE, but it was a nice addition and still worth reading, I think. It’s pretty sparse on the actual story (it’s VERY short and only goes up until she marries Franz), but all of the notes afterward are really neat. I like how her personality seems to match up well with her personality in TAE. Hope you enjoy!

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