weekly wrap-up 1/4 + December recap

2015 kicked off quietly – no books (review OR bought) this week, but I’m completely okay with that! It’s given me a chance to do some serious catching up and the holidays gave me a few quiet hours to schedule like crazy. I’m REALLY looking forward to sharing some upcoming reviews! I’ve already found some top reads of the year as well as a sequel that I couldn’t even finish after LOVING the first book.

In Case You Missed It
Menna van Praag wrote one of my absolute, all-time favorites, The House at the End of Hope Street, so when I heard about a new book, I was over the moon. Unfortunately, The Dress Shop of Dreams didn’t live up to my super high expectations and was a huge letdown.

Have you signed up for #hailtotheking yet?? I posted my introduction, and have already finished one of my books! YAY.

image via + Arnold Lobel is the greatest.

Gail Carriger double-shot
I recently fell HARD for Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series and binged on the first two. I ordered the third and cannot wait for it to arrive – I NEED MORE! Steampunk + high society girls who are trained in the arts of knife-fighting and poisoning…what more could you possibly want?
Unreviewed Round-up
If you know me, you know I adore Evelyn Waugh. Unfortunately, Scoop didn’t work for me at all. Priya Parmar’s Vanessa and Her Sister, a novel about Virginia Woolf, should have been a book I enjoyed. I love historical fiction – even more so when it involves a real person! With this one, however, I had to drop it after only a few chapters. There were multiple reason why this one just didn’t work for me.
The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna van Praag
I’ve already discussed it above, but this didn’t feel like it was written by the same author of one of my all-time favorite novels. Too many characters and story arcs lead to one messy, confusing ride.

weekend links 12/6: scandalous women in history! Hollywood’s most powerful authors! An ancient spellbook has been deciphered!
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weekly wrap-up 12/7: I’M QUOTED IN A BOOK!
weekly wrap-up 12/21: I’ve already read one of the books I received that week and it’s a top read of 2015
weekly wrap-up 12/28: Christmas goodies! A GORGEOUS handmade card!

I looked back on November – I discovered a new favorite book that month!
Are you a Netflix addict like me? I shared a few films I had recently watched: cute French flicks, WWIII, Magical Realism, and a heartbreaking look at one of America’s greatest families.
#hailtotheking: A Year with Stephen King was finally announced! Whether you’re a newbie (like me) or a die-hard fan, this laid-back reading challenge lets you pick your own pace! Throughout the year we’ll have giveaways and Twitter chats! COME JOIN US!
I’m not a big re-reader these days, so when I saw a Re-reading Challenge, I signed up! I’m aiming low though.
Leah’s Favorite Reads of 2014 – PART TWO! Here it is, the second half of my top reads round-up! One author I loved so much she’s on here TWICE.
Christmas! I shared a link to Neil Gaiman reading A Christmas Carol.


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