weekend links 12/27

With these posts I like to have a photo or, you know, something with a bit of color to break up the text, but Matt and I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time and my heart is still all a-flutter over baby Groot ♥

Jessica Merchant is my spirit animal and I couldn’t have been more excited to get her cookbook for Christmas (thank you, mama!). As perfect as she is though, it does wonders for my self esteem to know she’s not always a cooking master: Jessica’s 2014 Recipe Disasters. I’m side-eyeing the bacon-wrapped nutella brownie.

But, really, she’s perfect: hot cider nog. Hot. Cider. Nog.

Because I’m a total sucker for sad animal news: this beautiful half-male, half-female cardinal hasn’t been able to find a mate and has never sung. :(

Christmas with BaneCat.

For a list titled Best Literary Moments of 2014, I expected more moments and less ‘this book came out in January, this book came out in February.’

NASA e-mailed a wrench to outer space. NBD.

The ladies at Go Fug Yourself know how to start my weekend right: Idris Elba. You’re welcome.


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