#hailtotheking: A Year With Stephen King!

Cassie’s got all the photoshop skills here, not me!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!! For a while now Cassie and I have been trying to come up with a fun joint feature. One day it suddenly dawned on us: Stephen King. Let us present to you Hail to the King, a year-long Stephen King reading challenge! You can read as much as you want and there’s totally no pressure whatsoever!

Throughout the year we’ll have events like:

  • SPECIAL POSTS for Stephen King’s birthday, Halloween, the halfway mark, and the final stretch!
  • GIVEAWAYS, because obvs!
  • CHECK-IN POSTS where you can celebrate your progress, rant over a character you’re hating, and see how everyone else is doing!
  • TWITTER CHATS with our own special hashtag, #hailtotheking

So how does it all work?
All you have to do is sign up and answer the questions in your intro post along with your goals or what level you’re aiming for, then read your horror-loving heart out! Easy peasy! Curious about your options? His website has a list of all of his work and here’s his Amazon page for all your book needs!

The Levels

  • SCAREDY CAT: 1-3 Novels or Short Stories
  • NEED A NIGHT LIGHT: 4-7 Novels or Short Stories
  • NO MONSTERS UNDER MY BED: 8-11 Novels or Short Stories
  • DAREDEVIL: 12-15 Novels or Short Stories
  • FEARLESS: 16+

The Questions

  • What got you into Stephen King?
  • How long have you been a fan? Or are you a newbie?
  • First King book you read? (or plan to!) Did you like it?
  • Level you’re aiming for!

Sign Ups!
Simply head over to Cassie’s post! Sign-ups are open until the end of January. GO GO GO!

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