weekend links 12/13

1833, Leonid meteor shower | via

NEW HARRY POTTER STORIES!! Through Pottermore, JKR will be releasing twelve short ‘moments,’ and the first two are already out!

This photograph now holds the record for being the most expensive photograph ever sold. The new owner dished out a cool $6.5 million, yes with an M, for Phantom. I don’t know, guys.. maybe I just don’t have the eye for photography. While it’s certainly a stunning photo, spending over $6 million seems a little extreme.

My favorite Fug Girls compiled a great slideshow (full of cracktastic comments) of 2014’s Best and Worst Red Carpet Moments.

I think we’re all in agreement that Malala is an outstanding young women, yes? You can read her Nobel speech in its entirety. Honestly, I wanted to find a part to quote here to highlight, but every sentence is so powerful (and I totally giggled when she talks about how she’s probably the only recipient of the prize who still fights with her siblings). Go read this speech.

Recently Scholastic unveiled the results of a poll they did about what kids/young adults look for in books. I’m not at all surprised that 70% said humor. They also highlight answers from different age groups and I love that kids aged 9-11 are interested in mysteries. As a bookseller I deal with MG/YA readers all day and a huge portion of them are into mysteries.

The Geminid meteor shower peaks tonight and everything you need to know can be found here! 2 A.M. seems to be the best time for any kind of stargazing – hopefully Matt won’t get too upset by the alarm! :D

SO TOMORROW! There won’t be a weekly wrap-up post (instead next Sunday will be a two-week edition – LOTS of goodies!) because I’ve got a pretty exciting announcement!

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