weekend links 12/6

on my bucket list: see the Aurora Borealis!

Need to cast some love spells or treat an infection? An ancient Egyptian spellbook has been deciphered!

Remember the Stuart Little movie? A painting that went missing in the 1920s was discovered in the background of a scene!

I think the Penguin Hotline is the coolest: if you’re struggling to find the perfect book for someone this holiday, simply fill out the brief questionnaire and a Penguin employee will give you some recommendations!

To be honest I was a bit surprised by who made it (and didn’t) on Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors list.

Edith Wharton’s home is now a Starbucks.

This slideshow is fantastic: Scandalous Women in History.

Anyone who works with the public during the holiday season will tell you people are just plain awful. Everyone’s impatient and quick to turn nasty. Giving the benefit of the doubt to rude people is something I’ve been trying to do. That person who just cut me off? Maybe he just got a phone call about a loved one in the hospital. The woman screaming at me because we don’t have a particular book? Perhaps she just had to work a double shift.


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