looking back on November 2014

norway is lovely

It’s that time again! I feel like I didn’t do too much this month, but who knows – maybe this recap will surprise me!

Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter
A dirty, gritty novel about two girls who are more frenemies than friends and what happens when they meet up with a boy they met online. Ugly Girls made my skin crawl and several times I had to set the book down my reactions were that strong. That said, I really enjoyed this one! Though I made sure to have a happy, sappy story on deck afterward!
October’s Graphic Novel round-up
Three graphic novels I read in October, one was adorable, the other two were passable.
Dangerous Deceptions by Sarah Zettel
After a year-long wait, I’m back in the Sun King’s court where mystery and intrigue are running rampant! While I enjoyed this novel just as much as Palace of Spies, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the targeted audience. There are f-bombs, an attempted rape, things I just don’t think are suitable for a twelve-year-old. I think older teen readers would be a more suitable audience.
Glow by Jessica MAria Tuccelli
A favorite of the year. This was a book GoodReads recommended and, my goodness, yes. A sprawling family saga spanning over a century. While reading I kept thinking back of another 2014 favorite, Steal the North. ♥ Loved this one.
The Look of Love by Sarah Jio
I’m glad I gave Jio a second chance; this book was ten times better than Goodnight June. THAT SAID, there were still multiple issues, but this one came at a time when I needed light + fluffy so I didn’t mind too much.

weekly wrap-up 11/2: NaNoWriMo! A wedding at a library! An ARC I’ve already read and LOVED!
weekly wrap-up 11/9: LEO! I’m going to be quoted in a book!!
weekly wrap-up 11/16: Pittsburgh’s first snowfall!
weekly wrap-up 11/23: I chopped off over 10 inches of hair AND shaved a part of my head! New glasses! High fantasy!
weekly wrap-up 11/30: Dear America! Thanksgiving + birthdays galore! My boy Teddy Roosevelt!
weekend links 11/15: Van Gogh-esque bike path! What goes on in the post-Jeopardy chats! An un-earthed skeleton! Why Yinzers should embrace our ugly accent!
weekend links 11/22: Lilyhammer! The history of glasses! Ursula K. Le Guin is a goddess!

GoodReads Recommends!
A semi-sporadic new feature which highlights some of the recommendations that GoodReads gives. One sounded so fantastic I immediately grabbed it from my library and, yes, it WAS as good as I had hoped!
My honeybun Cassie tagged me and I got to ramble on about the books I want to read!

3 thoughts on “looking back on November 2014

  1. You’ve had a pretty good month :) I bet your hair looks awesome. And I’m glad you liked The Look of Love – I just created a BookSliced alert for it so I can grab it when it goes on sale :)

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