weekly wrap-up 11/23

I’m a huge fan of Warby Parker. I’m due for a new pair of glasses and decided to go for their free five-pair home try on which is SO much fun! The only issue I have with WP is that the colors in their photos are way more vibrant than the colors in person. My current frames? This pair. Um, yeah.. I’ll post better photos of each one on twitter – calling on you guys for help!

I also chopped off 10+ inches of hair and even shaved some of my head. It’s so fuzzy and soft and I’m kind of obsessed right now! Honestly, I was terrified at first (while I like the idea of being adventurous, I tend to stick to what I know I like), but my sisters convinced me to go for it and go for it I did! I actually love it so much I’m thinking about shaving more off! :D

Uno libro this week: Anne Leonard’s Moth and Spark. It had been on my To Read list for a while and when I was contacted for the release of the Trade paperback, I pounced! High fantasy, dragons, a prince on a mission, mysterious powers. This one sounds like an absolute blast plus it’s from Viking, so I know I’ll love it!

Thank you, Viking!!

In Case You Missed It
Cassie tagged me and I explored my TBR piles. I also cringed a lot and have been itching to do another cleaning ever since!

Jessica Maria Tuccelli’s Glow is a five-star read, y’all. It was powerful and haunting (literally, in some cases) and it broke my heart so many times. While reading I kept thinking back to Steal the North, one of my all-time favorite novels. So, so fantastic.

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3 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 11/23

  1. I want to try Warby Parker… but man, I hate the idea of not going to a store to pick out glasses! I’m the type that tries on 60 pairs several times each before attempting to decide.

    Ummmm no pics of your hair?? It sounds awesome, but who knows if I’m trying to picture it right, lol.

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