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Viking Church – Lillehammer, Norway | via

Lilyhammer is back! Netflix is totally owning television right now and every show they bring out is better than the last. I recently fell HARD for Lilyhammer, a show where a mobster snitches in exchange for a new life in Norway, and yesterday the third season was released. You guys know where to find me this weekend!

The history of spectacles was a quick but super interesting read. I’ve been wearing glasses almost my entire life (I got my first pair when I was only 18 months old). My glasses are a part of me and I’m always baffled by how often Matt loses his. I guess when you only need them to read or drive they aren’t as important? ANYWAY. I’d love to read a little more about this.

Chocolate Fudge Pistachio Cake Donuts. Um, yes please.

Ursula K. Le Guin totally stole the show at the National Book Awards. I hope to be half as feisty when I’m her age.

Also from the National Book Awards, Daniel Handler apologized over some pretty insensitive and racist jokes. I applaud his apology though – I believe he is sincerely sorry for his words.

This article is from earlier in the month, but it made me FEEL. A columnist for The Atlantic wants you to stop making excuses and finish the books you start. She says people who abandon books halfway through are lazy and not finishing a book is wrong. Oh honey. No. I’m debating wrting a separate post on this one. Do you force yourself to finish every single book you pick up?


3 thoughts on “weekend links

  1. Small Review says:

    I’m watching Lilyhammer this weekend, too! I’m so in love with that show, and thankfully the weather gods have given me nothing but pouring rain so I have every excuse to marathon Lilyhammer with no guilt.

    Pfft, I am a ruthless DNF-er. Life is too short and there are too many books I want to read. I did the math, I won’t be able to read all the books I want to read before I die, and that’s even assuming I live a really, really long time. And that’s not including any books that haven’t been published yet. So, yeah, I’m DNF-ing the boring ones. Sorry Atlantic lady!

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