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The Netherlands unveiled a solar-powered bike path inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. How cool (and gorgeous!) is this? Head over to the site to see a video and some seriously stunning photos. Group flight, anyone??

A skeleton unearthed in a Greek tomb could possibly belong to Hephaestion, Alexander the Great’s childhood friend and possible lover. The elaborate sarcophagus and way the body was preserved leads archaeologists to believe this person was someone pretty important. The history buff in me is doing cartwheels right now!

I love Gordon Ramsay, aka my other, other, other boyfriend (after my boos Bobby Flay and Tom Hardy – sorry, Matt! ♥). His youngest daughter, Matilda, will be starring in her own cooking show! The video clip is ten kinds of adorable and seems super laid back and sweet moments with her family abound. Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch doesn’t air until next year, but when it does, I know where I’ll be!

R. L. Stine posted this one on twitter earlier this morning and I thought it was lovely: The History of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books! Last week, the series’ original author, R. A. Montgomery, passed away and this article is not only a lovely tribute, but also pretty darn interesting. Choose Your Own novels are still in high demand – customers are constantly asking for them!

Another Mental Floss article, but just as interesting: What the Jeopardy Post-Game Chat Sounds Like. I adore Jeopardy and this is something I’ve always been curious about: just what goes on as the credits roll? Turns out Trebek is WAY chattier than I had expected!

The Kitchn makes my heart skip a beat. They recently posted a recipe for The Amber Rush Cocktail and I just might have to give it a try this Thanksgiving!

This article on 4 Things to Keep You Going When You’re Stressed at Work came at just the right time. Anyone who works retail knows the joyspain of the holiday season. As a bookseller my job might not be nearly as stressful as places like Walmart or other big box stores that see thousands upon thousands of customers a day, but we definitely see an influx in sales. People want what they want and they aren’t afraid to let us know – especially those last-minute shoppers who are outraged when we don’t have The #1 Bestseller three days before Christmas. As much as I try I’ve certainly fallen victim to stress and have let it affect my entire day. Hopefully with these ideas in mind (and some, like listening to certain songs, I already do) I’ll be able to tackle the extra load without wanting to claw out some eyes. :)

Last month Gawker held a contest to determine the ugliest accent in America and Pittsburgh won. Instead of being outraged, this article says Pittsburghers should embrace it.

It was forged in industry, in mines, in mills, in blast furnaces, in diners and around the family dinner table after a long, hard day at work. It represents the harshness of our past. It represents hard work — building a world-class city out of nothing but the materials found in the ground and the waters that embraced it. It represents an unflinching sense of self-worth. It represents not caring what others think. It represents Saturdays in the Strip and Sundays on the North Side. It represents calloused hands and weathered eyes. It represents seasons and bridges and chipped chopped ham and pierogies and church. It represents steel and rivers and passion and above all . . . REALNESS.


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