my instalove story.

When I walked into a hardware store October 7, 2011, I had no idea my life would be changed. See, earlier in the year I had left that hardware store to become a bookseller, but I would still go back every so often to visit old coworkers/friends. Because that night was the anniversary of Poe’s death, I went all-out with my outfit (to this day I still remember what I was wearing), and after work that day I stopped by the store.

I was up near the registers, chatting with my friends and meeting a new cashier, when this boy came up and asked if I needed help. I said no, that I was well aware where everything was, and instead of wondering who this crazy person in the skull dress was, he struck up a conversation with me. In the few minutes we spoke, we discovered we had a ton in common and when the store was closing for the night, he asked for my number – very smooth, Matt!

That night we chatted on facebook for hours and made a plan to hang out the next night. A week later on October 14, Matt was all mine and a month after that we were living together. For as much as I complain about instalove in my books, it seems to work out pretty well in real life. :) ♥

How did you meet YOUR significant other?? Was it love at first sight too? Did you hate each other for years beforehand?? TELL ME YOUR LOVE STORY!

8 thoughts on “my instalove story.

  1. Aww, that’s so cute Leah! I’m glad it all worked out for you, instalove in real life or not! :D<3
    Me, as of now, I am FOREVER ALONEEEEEE. Hopefully the guy will come someday.

  2. That is so lovely. Congratulations :)

    I met my boyfriend at work. It’s the classic “friends turned into more” romance – best thing that could have happened to me. (Val Kilmer is a part of our relationship too ;) )

  3. This is the sweetest thing :) :) Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!

    The honeyman & I went to the same high school, and he actively disliked me. Three or four years later we reconnected through mutual other high school friends and he barely remembered me, we hung out for a few weeks, and then decided to give dating a go. And that was 7 years ago <3

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