weekly wrap-up 10/12

This past week has been lovely: I went on a Modcloth shopping spree and, after coupons + birthday gifts, only paid a whole $8 for my $100+ order. My mom taught me well! I also have a house full of Yankee Candles and oh my goodness it smells like heaven (assuming heaven smells like Farmer’s Market & Kitchen Spice – my current favs!)

Last week I mentioned receiving a copy of Charlie Lovett’s First Impressions, a novel with Jane Austen at the heart of a modern day murder mystery. Admittedly I know NOTHING about Jane nor her works and was a little hesitant to try it. I picked it up a few days ago and will be finishing it tonight – guys, this is good. I actually think it helps that I’m coming into it blind as far as Jane Austen goes. I’ve discussed this book on twitter with Hannah. This was one a DNF for her and part of it dealt with how Jane was portrayed, particularly in regards to some of her stories. I’ll discuss this more in my own review, but it reminded me of Mrs. Poe. Although I enjoyed the novel, the way Poe was characterized was definitely off-putting (he was basically cast as a sex god, loving & leaving the ladies up and down the coast). I can totally see how someone who enjoys Jane Austen would be disappointed in this book.

Speaking of! Earlier this week was the 165th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s passing. Over the years I’ve discussed my love of Poe quite a bit, but this year I wasn’t able to get around to posting. If you haven’t read his work since high school or if you’re completely new to Poe, take a few minutes and read some of his poetry. I especially love his short stories and they can easily be read in a few minutes too!

Guys, I legit shrieked when The Mime Order showed up at my door!! I LOVED The Bone Season, but this year+ wait in-between books is a total killer. Thankfully there will be a goodreads-hosted read-along later this month. Yeah, I’m definitely going to need a refresher! If you haven’t started this series yet, now is the perfect time to get in on it! This was hyped as the next Harry Potter and while I wouldn’t exactly say that, it’s certainly able to stand on its own as a phenomenal series. I am SO looking forward to getting back into this world (especially if it means more Warden ♥)! (A big thank you to Bloomsbury!!)

In Case You Missed It
Kate Forsyth’s Bitter Greens is a gorgeous, sprawling, deliciously-detailed trip back to France at the height of King Louis XIV’s reign and the true origins of the Rapunzel tale. Told in three voices, Bitter Greens had everything I could want from a book: magic, numerous narrators, a court scandal or two. Better yet – I have a copy up for grabs! Head on over to the post to enter. Ends 10/19

Diane Chamberlain’s The Silent Sister was my intro to her work and it will NOT be the last (I’ve got a copy of Necessary Lies that’s practically screaming my name now!). Upon moving back to her childhood home, Riley uncovers the shock of a lifetime: the older sister she had always thought committed suicide might actually be alive and well. As Riley works to discover just what happened that night 23 year ago, there are chapters sprinkled throughout the novel told from Lisa’s perspective. What could have possibly been so bad that she faked her own death? The Silent Sister is a PERFECT cold-weather read – I was so hooked on this story I didn’t move for hours on end! – and I’m thrilled to have a giveaway copy for this one as well! Ends 10/19

Louise Millar knows how to do a thriller. Her latest, The Hidden Girl had it all: family drama, an old farmhouse, a centuries-old mystery, not-so-friendly neighbors, and even a donkey! You’ll want to think twice the next time you head next door to say hello!


One thought on “weekly wrap-up 10/12

  1. $8 for $100 worth of stuff??? GOOD JOB. Man, I was kind of proud of getting my $250 NY&Co order down to $130… for shame!

    I remember listening to a bit of The Bone Season on audio and liking it, but I never got around to finishing it… maybe I should do that one of these days…

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