my week in pictures 9/21

The beginnings of Fall have finally hit Pittsburgh. While I love chunky sweaters and hot coffee (PUMPKIN EVERYTHING), I’m not looking forward to cold weather. Thankfully it’s only been chilly in the mornings, warming up by lunchtime. It’s supposed to get up near 80 today, with temperatures in the 80s this coming week. TAKE THAT, AUTUMN.

This weekend I got to spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in months. Just to warn you – if you ever see me in person, chances are we’ll watch a bad movie. That’s a Thing with my group of friends and our pick this time was Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan. Yes. Yes. Not only was it every bit as amazing as it sounds, but the biggest star (& I use the term VERY loosely) was Joe Estevez, aka Martin Sheen’s brother & Charlie’s Sheen’s uncle. His family must be proud.

We also stopped for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Loving Hut. It’s an all-Vegan place and although I was completely skeptical my first time, I’ve become obsessed. SO so good.

Just Desserts, Flambe, & Major League by John Layman
There’s an awesome comic shop in my town, so naturally my friend & I stopped in. A while ago I read the first two volumes of Chew and have been wanting to get back into the series. A police officer get psychic impressions from anything he eats..be it fruit, vegetable, or flesh. Okay, so it’s not a series for everyone, but I’m a big fan and we were about to head out the door when I spotted some volumes. I snatched up the next three and I can’t wait to dive in!
The Daring Ladies of Lowell by Kate Alcott
If this one looks familiar it’s because I grabbed it from the library earlier in the month. Since I suck at reading library books I wound up buying my own copy. I’m a total sucker for a difference in social status in romances. While this is definitely Historical Fiction (yay!), the main character is a factory worker while the love interest in a business tycoon’s son.

Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain
I had received an ARC of this one last year and, sadly, never got around to reading it. This October Diane has a new book coming out, The Silent Sister, and to coincide with the paperback release of Necessary Lies, I was invited to have a giveaway for BOTH books! You’ll definitely want to check back for that!
See You in Paradise by J. Robert Lennon
I love me some short stories and this collect looks fab!

A big thank you to Graywolf Press & St. Martin’s Press!!)

In Case You Missed It
September was a month of seriously lack-luster reads. What’s even more disappointing is that some of my most anticipated releases were total letdowns! John Darnielle’s debut, Wolf in White Van was a novel that sounded great but its execution left something to be desired. I wanted to love this one, but in the end, I had more questions than answers.
But then Allison Pataki came down from the heavens and reminded me that good – GREAT – books still exist. The Traitor’s Wife took a look at Benedict Arnold’s wife and I devoured it. The second I was finished I actually went and ordered my own copy! Now that is the sign of a good story.


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