my week in pictures: time to head back to the real world

After a wonderful, wonderful, oh-so-wonderful ten days off, it’s time to head back to work tomorrow and I’m SO not ready to put on real clothes/make-up haha! Every year we head up to a cabin near Erie and relax. Our friends brought their kitten with them and we survived the week without murdering one another. Success!

Take another look at that photo of me and Matt. That hoodie I’m wearing? Yeah. Unfortunately, it was freezing the entire week. Mid 60s (I think two days it reached the low 70s – absolutely perfect weather the day we went on a 4-mile bike ride around the island!) and with the breeze coming off the lake it was way too cold to swim, which was a huge bummer. Instead, we got out and about and one of our stops was the Erie Zoo. For such a touristy city, the zoo is seriously tiny (they don’t even have an elephant!). Pittsburgh’s zoo is by far better. ♥ #StillerNation y’all.

Matt’s a HUGE Cirque du Soleil fan and when he found out Varekai would be in town he immediately bought the tickets. I’m a total newbie and had no idea what to expect – afterwards I was talking with a friend on facebook and described the show as “similar to Willy Wonka’s boat ride from hell – but in a good way.” The colors, the costumes, the music were all phenomenal! I took the photo of the stage from my seat; we were so close the performers would swing out over the stage and right above us. I’m still in awe of the athleticism and strength of the entire cast!

I don’t like being the center of attention. Unfortunately, Matt forgot to mention the bit about the act that comes out and interacts with the crowd… At one point Matt fell victim to their shenanigans and I was petrified I’d be next. Thankfully that didn’t happen and I would have died if I had been one of the people selected to go on stage.

Earlier that day we drove out to a teensy tiny winery (we love our wineries) for their peach festival. Wine, pie, pastries, we were in heaven. Sadly, today is my last day of vacation and I’m hoping to make the most of it!

In Case You Missed It (because of vacation, this will cover the past few weeks!)
July recap!
August’s Gotta Read It novels
Putting my Book Jar to use
2AM at the Cat’s Pajamas by Marie-Helene Bertino is an incredible under-the-radar novel about a jazz club about to be closed, an elementary school teacher moving back home, and the sassiest nine-year-old I’ve ever come across. Told over the course of one day, this novel weaves their stories together and it was heavenly! 4/5
The Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero is another book that didn’t generate a lot of buzz but was highly entertaining. I’m usually not big on epistolary novels, but this one sucked me in. A haunted estate, a mute Punk rocker, an age-old secret society, what’s not to love about this one? 3/5
Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen made Poe out to be a sex god, but other than that, I enjoyed this one. Quick-paced and engaging. 4/5
Omens and Visions by Kelley Armstrong are the first two novels in her new Cainsville series and I fell hard. 4.5/5

5 thoughts on “my week in pictures: time to head back to the real world

  1. i laughed at your comment about being afraid the performers would come for you next. whenever i’m at anything interactive like that, i become so afraid they’ll randomly pick me. i DO NOT want to go on stage. i hate being put on the spot like that!

  2. oh my gosh, I would have DIED if I had been selected to go on stage. I had a horrible dream about just that type of thing the other night and it bugged me the whole day. Thank goodness you weren’t picked ;)

    And, brrrr mid 60s!? Yikes. Hopefully the weather will warm up enough to give you a few more weeks of good weather.

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