my week in pictures 8/3

It’s been a quiet, rainy week here in Pittsburgh. I’ve got a two-week vacation coming up soon and I’m at that point where any and all productivity is gone. The only thing on my mind is BEACH.

This weekend we celebrated my niece’s birthday, the big three! I was looking through older photos and it’s mind-boggling just how much she’s grown in such a short amount of time. Faye’s fascination with dinosaurs recently took hold and I’m loving it. :) I was a HUGE dino fan when I was younger (still am!) and I’m delighted that she’s taken an interest. She’s able to rattle off names and whether they were meat-eaters or plant-eaters. One of the presents I got her was an oversize dinosaur puzzle and I’m sure we’ll be putting it together soon!

Only one book this week, but I legit shrieked when I came across it: Anthony Doerr’s About Grace. I absolutely loved his latest, All the Light We Cannot See, and now I desperately want more. To be honest, I have no idea what this book is even about, but the second I saw Anthony’s name, I knew it was coming home with me, no questions asked.

In Case You Missed It
Tackle your ever-growing To Read Pile with this super fun and simple book jar! This will definitely come in handy when I start packing for vacay!
A debut blurbed by Tana French has got to be good, right? Elizabeth Little’s Dear Daughter was fantastic and I’m looking forward to what she does next! 4/5

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