get your craft on: book jar!


If you’re anything like me, you have a To Read list a mile long. Also, if you’re like me, choosing a new book out of that pile can be a bit (okay, a lot) overwhelming. I have come across a few To Read jars before and have always thought that was such an awesome idea. The best part? They’re SUPER easy to make!


A jar, scissors, a pen(cil), and some paper. Seriously, that’s it! For the paper, I went with cardstock used for scrapbooking. I wanted something colorful and study enough to hold up to origami and wasn’t sure how regular construction paper/colored paper would work.


Cut your paper into strips – I’ve found that thinner strips work better for me (and I can fit more into the jar!), but you do you.

Once you’re done cutting, next comes the writing! The cardstock I used is textured on one side, so I wrote the authors and titles on the smooth side.

Get ready for some sore fingers! I wanted something a little more fun than just folded up pieces of paper. I followed the instructions on this site and, after a LOT of practice, ended up with some lucky stars vaguely star-shaped. :)


As you fold your stars, stick them in the jar. Easy peasy! Haha, I actually feel a little silly posting instructions for this, it’s that simple. Have fun with it! Go all out and decorate your jar. Decorate the paper!

To be honest, I’m really excited to start using this – in another week I’ll be away on vacation and have a feeling this jar will become very helpful in choosing which books to pack!

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