my week in pictures 7/13

Happy Sunday! There are still fireworks and festivities going on a week later ’cause that’s how freedom works! My hometown is the Fireworks Capital of America and I’m so sad I wasn’t able to see the show this week. Instead Matt and I stayed home and went to Art Brew, a local event that paired Pittsburgh food trucks with hometown breweries to create an awesome beer + food combo. I’m a total wimp when it comes to beer and anything dark has me running for the hills (Matt, on the other hand, loves his lagers, IPAs, and stouts). There was a honey blueberry that I really liked & the coriander-infused beer was interesting. There was even a cucumber wheat we both wanted to try! Also: chocolate-covered bacon. YUM.

Mandolin covers of Prince songs was a Thing That Happened and I loved it! This band is Broke Stranded & Ugly and they were a ton of fun! I’m all about bluegrass AND covers, so a band that did bluegrass covers was basically perfect for me.

Only one book this week: Jacqueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming. It’s a memoir of the author’s childhood as an African American in the South in the 60s/70s. AND it’s told in verse. The verse part worries me a bit – I’ve never read a novel written in verse before! – but I’m moving this one to the top of my TBR pile. (Thank you, Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin!)

In Case You Missed It
Greg Weisman’s Spirits of Ash and Foam was a huge letdown and suffered from the horrible Second Book Syndrome. Despite answering some questions I had leftover from the first book, I just couldn’t get into this one and it tried too hard to do too many things in too many different genres. 2/5
Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera’s The Awakening of Miss Prim, however, was the total opposite. This debut (!!) completely sucked me in and held me thoroughly captivated until those final pages. The writing was breathtakingly beautiful, the characters were incredible, the story was magnificent. GORGEOUS! 5/5

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