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The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lance by Kelly Harms

The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane by Kelly Harms
Pub. Date: July 1, 2014 (orig. May, 2013)
Source: Finished copy via publisher (Thank you, Thomas Dunne Books!)
Summary: This year’s lucky winner of a brand-new dream home: Janine Brown of Cedar Falls, Iowa
For heartbroken Janine “Janey” Brown, this announcement has the hallmarks of one of her Aunt Midge’s harebrained plans to lure her from her tiny kitchen, where she’s been submerging her grief in the pursuit of the perfect pot-au-feu. Meanwhile, across town, Janine “Nean” Brown couldn’t be more thrilled. She just knows that this house is her destiny, the chance to escape the latest in her revolving door of crappy jobs and drunken boyfriends.
When both Janine Browns descend on Christmas Cove, Maine, to claim the prize they both think is theirs, however, they discover that more than just a dream home awaits them at the water’s edge.

Genre: Contemporary, Beach read

As a beach/summer read, The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane is perfect. If I had read it at any other time, however, I would have been less than impressed (and actually felt a bit disappointed I hadn’t enjoyed it more while reading). This book reads like a check list of beach read staples: heartbroken main character, wise/quirky grandmotherly figure, handsome strangers (in this case, two), a passion for cooking/baking, etc etc. Really, all that was missing was a loyal dog.

Janey’s fiance passed away unexpectedly five years ago and with his death her world shattered. While she had always been shy, Ned’s death took her fear and turned it into a debilitating phobia. She was no longer able to pursue the teaching degree she had so desperately wanted and, instead, became holed up inside her apartment, only speaking to her Aunt Midge. She can barely hold down a job and any interaction with someone new causes Janey to break out into hives. Unbeknownst to Janey, Aunt Midge enters her into a nationwide dream home contest – and her name, Janine Brown, is chosen.

Nean’s 24 years have not been kind to her. In and out of foster care and shelters, she’s well on her way to following in her mother’s footsteps (minus the heroin). She goes for the wrong guys, but at least those guys have a place to live, some food, and a television. Geoff isn’t boyfriend material, as her bald patches and bruises show, and the night she hears her name, Janine Brown, announced on live television, she knows her life is about to change.

The two (make that three – 88-year-old Aunt Midge is in tow) women head for Maine, and it’s not until they’ve reached the sprawling mansion with a state-of-the-art kitchen and lake view, that they realize there’s another Janine Brown. Who’s the real winner? How could Janey possibly survive living with a stranger? There’s no. way. Nean is going to be put back on a bus to Iowa. And who’s that cute farmer?

The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane doesn’t pull any punches and any reader of this kind of fiction knows how the story will end before it even begins. So, yes, as a carefree beach read, this book is perfect. Entertaining enough without asking for a lot in return. While I can certainly get behind some good brain fluff, I had a good time getting past these characters and their actions. 24-year-old Nean is bratty and stubborn. Despite being nearly 90, Aunt Midge rocks out to the Rolling Stones and enjoys swimming in her birthday suit. Janey has a passion for cooking – which I loved – and she claims she loves cooking so much, she always makes way more than one person could ever eat and throws the leftovers away once she’s had her fill. I couldn’t excuse this, though it made for a nice coincidence since Noah just so happens to work at the local shelter. Naturally, the moment she meets him, her 5-year phobia all but vanishes.

As far as substance goes, there wasn’t a whole lot to this story, but that’s exactly what you’d want in a summer-y read. Unfortunately, this one was simply decent – and wholly forgettable.


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