my week in pictures 6/1


My grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary and the family threw a party last Sunday. I was bawling the entire time, but it was beautiful and it was so wonderful to see the out-of-town family. No joke: my sisters and I did NOT plan to be all matchy. I guess that means we really are sisters after all!

Memorial Day was a blast. Things kicked off with a giant brunch outing with my uncle who flew in from Denver, then my siblings and I headed back to my hometown to spend the rest of the afternoon with my dad’s side. So fun!! Best part: buckeye ice cream! ♥

Pittsburgh is finally sunshiney enough for my favorite pair of shoes! Look how cute they are – and WAY comfy too. Perfection.

& my goodies for the week:
Goddess Girls (#1-5) by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams
Small adores this series and I think she’s the bee’s knees, so naturally I grabbed as many as I could find. Y’all know how I feel about Middle Grade AND there’s the added bonus of Greek mythology!
Hounded, Hexed, and Hammered (Iron Druid Chronicles #1-3) by Kevin Hearne
I’ve been hearing about this series for ages and some people who KNOW my taste love these books. I found a collection of the first three for $1, so why not! Urban Fantasy; the last of the Druids living in Arizona under the guise of a tattooed 21-year-old Irish man (I’m loving this series already!); an Irish wolfhound (I’m ALL. ABOUT. gigantic dogs!); ancient gods…this is SUCH a Leah book.
The Making of Henry VIII by Marie Louise Bruce
I coworker & I love to talk history and this one came very highly recommended – it details Henry’s childhood and early life before he become the raging monarch we all know and love.

Careless People by Sarah Churchwell
The subtitle reads: Murder, Mayhem, and the Invention of The Great Gatsby. Do you really need to ask why I grabbed this one? A few months ago my e-ARC expired before I could read it, but I was lucky enough to find it at my library.

Robert A. Heinlein, vol. 2: The Man Who Learned Better by William H. Patterson Jr.
This one came out of nowhere and while I appreciate it, I really don’t think I’ll be reading it. I know Heinlein is a sci-fi god, but this is the second volume in the set and I think someone who knows his work would appreciate it far more.
Neverhome by Laird Hunt
EXCUSE ME WHILE I LOSE MY MIIIIIND!!!!!! The second I heard about this one I needed it: a woman leaves her husband and farm to fight as a Union soldier. “Through bloodshed and hysteria and heartbreak, she becomes a hero, a folk legend, a madwoman and a traitor to the American cause.” Ohhhh my gosh YES.
Crushed by Eliza Crewe
I loved the first book, Cracked (you can read my 4.5-star review here). A main character who’s half-demon, eats souls, and is ALL snark? Be still, my heart! I cannot wait to see what happens next!

I think this is a record! Both reviews this week (THREE if you count last week’s All the Light We Cannot See) were five-star reads!
It still blows my mind that Terry Hayes’s I Am Pilgrim is a debut.

I Am Pilgrim is a sweeping 700-page behemoth of a novel that spans multiple decades and continents and I could have easily read another 700 pages. I’m typically hesitant to give in to hype, I’ve been burned in the past, but with this novel, the hype is not only deserved, but actually doesn’t do the book justice. I Am Pilgrim is greater than the hype. It’s the kind of book that rocked me to my core and left me breathless. It took me over a month to finally come up with a review but even after a month’s thought, nothing I say will be good enough. This book is that good.

Moving from an Adult Thriller, we have some good ol’ YA Historical Fiction. Laura L. Sullivan’s Love by the Morning Star features two girls, WWII, and a HUGE case of mistaken identity!

The more I think about this book, the more I love it! Love by the Morning Star was intriguing, it was surprisingly raunchy in some parts, it was thought-provoking.


2 thoughts on “my week in pictures 6/1

  1. Aw, thank you for the link and kind words :) I hope you enjoy the GG books! Also, OBERON!!!! You’ll get it when you read the Kevin Hearne books ;) He’s the best character ever.

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