my week in pictures: mother’s day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely, lovely mamas (hi, mom)! I’m blessed to have the most wonderful ladies in my life and I was able to spend the day not only with my mom and grandmother, but our second family. Every year we get together (my family and my aunt’s entire side of her family) and do Pittsburgh’s Race for the Cure. It’s become a tradition for us: all the ladies do the race while the men stay home to cook brunch and watch the babies. :) It’s always such a blast and I’m so happily to say the weather was simply beautiful! This past week has been dreary and rainy, but the clouds held out this morning and it was warm and fantastic. Of course the rest of the day is dedicated to some serious napping!

The other highlight of my week: new Julep package! As soon as I opened it I had to try out a color. Super pretty and light – perfect springtime polishes! I expect to use both colors quite a bit over the next few months!

Did you do anything special today??

In Case You Missed It
Did you grow up on Nancy Drew? Beth Fantaskey’s Buzz Kill pays homage to everyone’s favorite teen sleuth in this awesome novel! I absolutely loved it – definitely one to check out! 4.5/5

It must have been mystery week on the blog – I also reviewed a new book from an old favorite genre. Ruth Moose’s Doing It at the Dixie Dew was incredibly hard for me to review. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t phenomenal; it did what it set out to do and entertained me while I read, but the moment it ended, I moved on to other things. Like I said in my review, if you’re a longtime fan of cozies and want to check out a new series, this one was fun. If you’re brand new to the genre, however, this isn’t the novel to start with. 3/5

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