my week in pictures 4/27


Happy weekend! Hands down, the highlight of my week took place yesterday. Matt and I participated in Pittsburgh’s Superhero 5K for the Superhero Foundation, an organization for abused and neglected children. The weather was a liiitle crummy – on the drive over it was sprinkling a bit, but by the time the race actually started the clouds had passed and it was just cold haha!

We only had t-shirts, but other people put a ton of work into their costumes! Quailman and Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy won prizes for theirs. There was a cow teaming up with an ostrich, Ghostbusters, an entire Despicable Me family! Seeing everyone was half the fun and we decided next year we’re definitely dressing up!

Obvs there’s only one thing to do after a run: load up on burgers and spiked milkshakes! Thank you, BRGR!

As for the books, I only received one this week but I’m still flailing over it: Silver Bay aka MORE JOJO MOYES!!!

What did you do this week? Have you ever participated in a run? What books did you get??

In Case You Missed It
Just one review this week: Michelle Gable’s debut, A Paris Apartment. 3/5

A Paris Apartment is the perfect novel to reach for during these rainy spring days – it makes for a wonderful escape and is certainly a story worth getting lost in!

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