my week in pictures 4/13


Nothing – nothing – beats a good dose of retail therapy! I went on a little Modcloth shopping spree and I’m absolutely over the moon with my purchases! Cute spring dresses (which I’ve already gotten a TON of compliments on!) and this fantastic bag. I’ve had my eye on this particular one for well over a year now and finally decided to go for it. The only hard part was trying to decide which color I wanted! I ended up choosing mustard and I love it. Also, see that Roald Dahl print? Yeah, this bag is a MONSTER. It’s enormous. I say when it comes to purses, go big or go home. :)

My oldest niece started softball practice and my goodness, what gorgeous weather we’ve been having! She also registered for Kindergarten this week and I’m not ready for this. SHE’S STILL A BABY. When did she become a Kindergartner??

I ordered a few books this week and they should be here shortly – I. Can’t. Wait! I received only one book this week, but it looks fab: Madam by Cari Lynn and Kellie Martin. Turn of the century, red-light districts, the Big Easy. I’m looking forward to this one!

There are also a few fun articles I’ve read this week that I wanted to share:
Pedestrianism used to be America’s favorite sport! In the late 1800s people would actually gather round and watch people walk. Haha! I’m a huge fan of NPR and this article made my day.

Champagne was considered a stimulant. And a lot of trainers — these guys had trainers — advised their pedestrians to drink a lot of champagne during the race. They thought that this would give them some kind of advantage. The problem was a lot of these guys would drink it by the bottle. That definitely was not a stimulant to say the least.

A royal correspondent tells of her childhood at Kensington Palace This was fascinating!

Paul Burrell, Diana’s infamous butler, and his family lived above us. Sir Miles Hunt-Davies, Private Secretary to Prince Philip, lived opposite, and next door was Jane, Lady Fellowes, Diana’s sister, and her husband Robert, Lord Fellowes, Private Secretary to The Queen. Factor in Diana, Princess Margaret, the Gloucesters and Kents, and you might call it a rather regal version of Melrose Place.

Color Photographs of Imperial Russia As a history fan AND an Imperial Russia fan I was immediately intrigued. These photos show a far different side to the glitz and glamour of palace life.

In Case You Missed It
After having so much fun with the art edition, I decided to make Get Your Fix a feature! Since the anniversary of the end of the Civil War was earlier this week, I decided to make a Civil War rec list! Looking for some Civil War-era historical fiction? Curious about some non-fiction? Look no further!

The Museum of Intangible Things surprised me. It wasn’t at all the happy-go-lucky road trip novel I expected! Instead it dealt with some extremely heavy topics like mental illness and alcoholism. 4/5


3 thoughts on “my week in pictures 4/13

  1. I love this post, and I love that purse you chose–I agree with you–I think big purses are the way to go, and those are the type I always go for myself.

    I nominated your for a Liebster Award over on my blog! :)

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