my week in pictures 4/6

The weather started to break this past week and I couldn’t be happier! We’ve been cooped up inside the house for SO long now and it felt great getting out. Our first stop was to one of my mostest favoritest places on Earth: Soergel Orchards! There’s just so much to look at there: a wine shop, Amish furniture (and Amish-made donuts throughout the month!! a return trip is definitely in order!), locally-made cheese (I was in HEAVEN, people), gardening classes, organic food, I love it to pieces. The best part though? THE ANIMALS. If you know me then you know I’m a big fan of pigs. That gentlemen up there is Dudley and he is massive. That sassy sheep is Big Amos and he kept butting Lil Abner out of the way to get to our food first. There are goats, cows, donkeys, horses – unfortunately they were all still in the process of thawing out (seriously, we’re all still in the process of thawing out) and weren’t too social. Next time!

Okay first I need to apologize for that less-than-stellar picture. I was coming home from work and happened to see my town being TAKEN OVER BY A GIANT TENTACLE MONSTER. Once I calmed down I discovered it’s actually Wild Things, an art installation and the kick-off of a huge campaign to highlight all the classes and exhibits the center has to offer! This particular exhibit will run for two months and you can bet I’ll be visiting soon!

I already have an ARC of Michelle Gable’s A Paris Apartment, but received this beautiful finished copy in the mail! This book comes out later this month – check back for my review! (Thank you, Thomas Dunne Books!)

I saw two books at work this week that I couldn’t pass up: Shatter Me and The Sugar Queen (this one was only $1!). Have you read either of them? What did you think??

In Case You Missed It
April kicked off with a recap of March and a goal check-in! Looking good on all fronts!

Gabrielle Zevin has a serious winner with The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. It was gorgeous, a heartfelt love letter to bookstores and books. ♥ Definitely check this one out and don’t be surprised if it makes a TON of Best Of 2014 lists. 4/5

The hits keep coming with YA Mysteries. Charles Benoit’s Cold Calls totally lived up to its hype: Pretty Little Liars meets The Breakfast Club with a little I Know What you did Last Summer sprinkled on top. So fun! 4/5

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