Bright Before Sunrise by Tiffany Schmidt

Title: Bright Before Sunrise
Author: Tiffany Schmidt
Pub. Date: February 18, 2014
Source: ARC via publisher (Thank you, Bloomsbury!!)
Summary: Jonah and Brighton are about to have the most awkwardly awful night of their lives. For Jonah, every aspect of his new life reminds him of what he has had to give up. All he wants is to be left alone. Brighton is popular, pretty, and always there to help anyone . . . but has no idea of what she wants for herself. Her seemingly perfect life is marred only by Jonah, the one person who won’t give her the time of day, but also makes her feel, well, something. So when they are repeatedly thrown together over the course of one night, anything can—and does—happen.
Genre: YA, Contemporary

Bright Before Sunrise was a completely new experience for me. Until now I had never read any ‘takes place in one day’ books and, honestly, wasn’t sure how it would be possible to tell a decent and plausible story in a matter of hours. I typically don’t enjoy being proven wrong, but Ms. Schmidt stomped all over my reservations and crafted a remarkably wonderful novel.

Brighton Waterford is perfect. She’s pretty, she’s popular and kind, everyone loves her. Five years ago her father passed away and since then she’s made it her goal to achieve his record back in high school: he managed to get every single person in his grade to volunteer for various projects and drives. Brighton’s goal is in sight – there’s only one person she still needs to sway. Unfortunately for her, that boy has no interest in anything to do with the snooty town of Cross Pointe.

Jonah Prentiss is not shy about his feelings toward his new life. His mother’s recent marriage (and a new baby) upended his world. Sure, he might not have been able to afford a shiny new car or the latest video games, but back home he was happy. He had baseball, great friends, and a girlfriend he adored. Now he feels like a stranger in his family and an alien in his new school where his classmates are on a first-name basis with clothing designers. Things go from bad to worse when Prim and Proper Waterford starts getting on his case about signing up for a book drive. It was bad enough trying to avoid her at school, but that night he goes home to discover his mother had hired her as the babysitter for the evening. It’s shaping up to be a long, long night.

I’m a total sucker for dual narratives. Bright Before Sunrise‘s point of view alternated each chapter and gave a glimpse into the real Brighton and Jonah. I wouldn’t exactly call them chapter titles, more like headings? subtitles? Regardless of their technical term, these peeks below the surface allowed me to connect with these two characters and see them on a different level. While she shows off a happy smile, Brighton’s still struggling to deal with her father’s death. The following day the family will be holding a memorial and every chapter of Brighton’s ticks down the time until then: 22 hours, 45 minutes left is chapter six, 14 hours, 9 minutes remaining by chapter 22. Jonah’s frustration and utter lack of care shines through: How do you say “fifty minutes of torture” in Spanish? and I’m late for an appointment with Nyquil shooters & my pillow.

Brighton and Jonah were thrown together multiple times over the course of one day and I loved that, for once, there was no attraction at the beginning. They didn’t like each other at all initially – Jonah thought Brighton was a stuck-up princess and Brighton only saw Jonah as rude. Their romance was slow and gradual (or as slow as you can get in a story that only lasts 24 hours). The only problem was Jonah’s girlfriend. Yep, he was in a long-term relationship before he had even left his hometown. He and Carly grew up together and her family treats him as their own. Carly was a great character and I really felt for the girl. Jonah refused to let her into his new life, this flashy world of Cross Pointe. Of course she was angry and hurt! She felt Jonah thought she wasn’t good enough now, that she’d embarrass him and when she discovered one of Brighton’s flyers in his car she immediately accused him of cheating (though he hadn’t). It was an easy-out and a way to finally push Brighton and Jonah together.

Despite the hurried break-up (I just can’t picture Jonah moving on that quickly after being with Carly for years) and some stereotyping, I enjoyed Bright Before Sunrise. Schmidt’s writing kept me entertained and the pacing had me constantly turning the page. This was my first of hers and I’m excited to say it won’t be my last!


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