Happy Birthday, Poe!!


Edgar Allan Poe is, was, and always will be at the tippy-top of my all-time favorite writers. For the past few years now I’ve celebrated his birthday and this year is no different. …or perhaps I just use it as an excuse to make alcohol-infused cupcakes + totally rad graphics. :)

Two years ago I talked about him a bit and reviewed one of his more humorous stories. Since then I’ve posted about him a handful of times (and have visited the Poe House in Baltimore again and again).

Here’s to you, Eddy – happy birthday!

“His sarcasm is subtle and searching. He can do nothing in the common way; and buttons his coat after a fashion particularly his own. If we ever caught him doing a thing like anybody else, or found him reading a book any other way than upside down, we should implore his friends to send a straightjacket, and a Bedlam doctor. He were mad, then, to a certainty.”

– Thomas Dunn English, April 1845


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