Epic Recs: December

epicrecslogo1 Epic Recs is a new book club started by Amber and Judith where you team up with a partner or a blogging buddy and recommend each other books!

I don’t know about you, but I love this idea and couldn’t sign up fast enough! If you’re interested in signing up visit Amber’s or Judith’s blog – trust me, it’ll be awesome and you just might discover a new favorite novel.

My partner is Lillian from Books and Cake. Guys. GUYS. In a offhand remark I mentioned my interest in the Romanovs/Russian history and, well, she gave me the greatest rec ever.


Lillian recommended Shadow and Bone, the first book in Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha series. I’m super excited to dive into this world!! :) Within minutes of her rec I had it checked out of the library.

I recommended The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. I first read this book in December 2011, just a few months after creating this blog. Not only was it one of my top reads of that year, but it quickly became an all-time favorite. You can read my 5-star review here!

Have you read either of these? What did you think??

6 thoughts on “Epic Recs: December

    • Isn’t it?? I’m pretty sure this is a monthly thing – I believe it’s already been going for a few months. If you’re still curious in January definitely sign up!

      That’s an AWESOME idea and I’ve been giving some serious thought to doing it myself. I don’t do many tours these days, but I do tend to agree to review nearly every book that gets pitched. This year it reached the point to where I was ONLY reading review copies. Last month I grabbed a library book and realized just how much I miss reading what I want to read.

  1. I’m so excited to start The Book of Lost Things! :D And for you to read Shadow and Bone!
    On a sidenote, I love your graphics! :o You have a great skill in making them.

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