my week in pictures (two)

Hello, lovelies! I’m starting a new Sunday feature here called My Week in Pictures (super original, I know), inspired by Kelly’s My Life According to Instagram.

Okay, so first things first: I CHEATED A BIT. This is more of a My Month in Pictures. DON’T HATE.

I don’t know if you guys know this about me or not, but I’m a big wrestling fan. BIG. Back in March Matt & I attended our first live WWE event and after the show tickets for the next event are discounted. Obvs we snatched some! We were in the nosebleed seats last time, but this time around we were in the first row! HOW AWESOME IS THAT.

It was so much fun and as I was flailing on twitter the girl in the seat next to me started posting pictures too. As I went through the #wwepittsburgh hashtag I saw a very familiar seat and realized we were right next to each other. KIND OF AWKWARD – especially since I immediately tweeted back at her and creepily (??) said hi.

Fun fact: it took place in the Consol Energy Center, aka home of the Pens! Last time I hadn’t realized that, hey, a hockey arena might be a little cold. This time around I learned my lesson and bundled up!

Another fun fact: MATT & I WERE ON TELEVISION!!

In addition to selling books, we also sell DVDs and CDs. This gem is The Hollow, starring NICK CARTER & KALEY CUOCO. I repeat: Nick Carter. Kaley Cuoco. Nick also does the theme song and the trailer is nothing short of magical. My coworkers and I love having Bad Movie Nights and this one is a definite pick!

On September 27 this giant 40 ft. rubber duck floated down the Allegheny River and to say it caused a bit of buzz is something of an understatement. Our NEWS STATIONS were covering the story live (on tv, through tweets, etc) as the first sightings appeared. It’s estimated that one million visitors flocked to The Point to see this duck – and I was definitely one of them! People came from across the country and even Canada!

There was a petition started in an attempt to keep the duck in Pittsburgh, but sadly, last Sunday we had to say our goodbyes.

When Matt & I went to see it the Fort Pitt Museum was free to the public – and I can’t pass up a free museum! Despite having lived here my entire life I had never visited this particular museum. While my studies focused on the Civil War, I was interested in learning more about the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars – and Fort Pitt played a huge role in both.

Naturally I took a LOT of pictures, so be on the lookout for a post soon!

(Interested in more of Pittsburgh’s museums? Check out my Staycation post inspired by Daisy Whitney’s Starry Nights!)

The beginning of fall is my absolute FAVORITE. I go all-out with cozy cardigans, cute boots, and pumpkin-flavored everything. There was an Applefest in town and Matt and I stopped by. Hands down, the best part was the petting zoo! :) For years I’ve been trying to convince Matt we should get a teacup pig – we even have a name picked out! – and I plowed through the crowd of children to get to that baby piglet. Haha, if you’re a twitter follower, you were assaulted with a barrage of pictures of baby cows, goats, and sheep. Perfect day.


3 thoughts on “my week in pictures (two)

  1. haha I love your animal filled month! That duck is just fantastic. Baby petting zoo animals are always adorable. I’m with you on fall, too. Love the clothes, love the pumpkin flavored everything!

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