Surrender to Sultry by Macy Beckett

Title: Surrender to Sultry (Sultry Springs #3)
Author: Macy Beckett
Pub. Date: August 6, 2013
Source: e-ARC via netgalley
Summary: Leah McMahon is back in Sultry Springs, Texas to help her dad recover from surgery. But there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s none other than Colton Bea, the wild-as-weeds boy who stole her heart a decade earlier. Colt’s a changed man now, and the feelings between these high school sweethearts are stronger than ever. But Leah’s got a secret so devastating that he may never forgive her. Can she find a way to earn absolution and build a future with the sultry man she’s loved half her life?
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Ten years ago 17-year-old Leah McMahon ran away from her tiny Texas town. Suddenly the only life she had ever known – and the boy she thought she loved – was gone and she found herself along and scared in Minnesota. The preacher’s perfect daughter was pregnant with the town’s bad boy. At the time adoption seemed the best choice, along with feigning ignorance as to the baby’s father. Until now the open adoption has worked: Leah and her son maintain contact and have a special bond. Unfortunately, her father’s surgery has called Leah back to Sultry Springs and they both know questions will be asked – and certain people can’t be avoided in a town as small as theirs.

Going into Surrender to Sultry I hadn’t realized it was the third – and last – novel in the Sultry Springs series. Thankfully, however, this is a series where each book focuses on a different couple, so I had no problem jumping in at the end. Leah’s arrival back to Sultry Springs raises questions – and eyebrows. As far as the rest of the town is aware, a decade ago Leah and her father had a huge falling out and haven’t spoken since. What they don’t know is that Leah discovered she was pregnant with Colt’s child. Through the wonders of Skype and the Internet, Leah and her father have remained in constant contact and he’s even met his grandson.

When Leah left Colt’s world fell apart. A stupid prank by a lousy friend caused the girl he loved to run away and he sort of lost it without her. In an attempt to fill the aching void, Colt spends more and more time with alcohol and strippers, quickly becoming someone he doesn’t want to be. This small town sheriff still carries a torch for his first love and no one could ever come close to replacing her.

Leah’s first night back in town results in being pulled over…by none other than Sheriff Bea. A decade is an awful long time to harbor pain and heartache. Now that Leah and Colt are older (and wiser?) could they find it in themselves to move past high school? Colt is more than ready to make up for lost time. Leah, however, is still reeling from the hurt and embarrassment Colt and his friends put her through – not to mention she’s debating whether or not to tell him about their child.

Surrender to Sultry really took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to like this story as much as I did! Admittedly, it took some getting used to reading my name over and over again – and, um, let’s just say certain scenes were WAY awkward. HA! That said, everything else about this book was great. Leah and Colt felt real. They were both flawed and conflicted. What Colt and his friends did was completely inexcusable and I don’t blame Leah at all for being so hurt. He wanted to see how far he could go with the preacher’s sweet and innocent daughter, already aware she had planned on waiting for marriage before having sex. Colt bragged to Tommy and soon the entire school found out the two had slept together. By the time Leah discovered she was pregnant she was long gone. The pregnancy/adoption aspect was really nicely done, though the final conclusion was a bit too cutesy for me.

The couples from the two previous novels are featured in this book as well, though obviously they’re not nearly as prominent as Leah and Colt. I’m eager to read the other books now, I’d love to see the beginning of the other relationships! If Happily Ever Afters are your thing, definitely pick up a copy of Surrender to Sultry!


3 thoughts on “Surrender to Sultry by Macy Beckett

  1. I had no idea you were into romances! I’m so glad that I discovered that. I’ve seen this title around, and I think it’s always a great sign when you want to continue with the series. I’m going to add this one to my ever-growing list. ;)

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