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Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

Title: Dead Girls Don’t Lie
Author: Jennifer Shaw Wolf (website | twitter)
Pub. Date: September 17, 2013
Source: ARC via publisher
Summary: Rachel died at two a.m . . . Three hours after Skyler kissed me for the first time. Forty-five minutes after she sent me her last text.

Jaycee and Rachel were best friends. But that was before. . .before that terrible night at the old house. Before Rachel shut Jaycee out. Before Jaycee chose Skyler over Rachel. Then Rachel is found dead. The police blame a growing gang problem in their small town, but Jaycee is sure it has to do with that night at the old house. Rachel’s text is the first clue—starting Jaycee on a search that leads to a shocking secret. Rachel’s death was no random crime, and Jaycee must figure out who to trust before she can expose the truth.
Genre: YA, Mystery

Jaycee’s life was idyllic. She had a best friend, a boy who liked her, and a nice house in a quiet town. After what is declared a gang-related murder shakes things up, suddenly life isn’t so perfect. Jaycee’s best friend becomes more and more distant, hanging out with the wrong crowd and piercing nearly every inch of her body. As the two grow further apart, the texts become less frequent. Until the night of Rachel’s death. The night where Jaycee chose to spend her time with Skyler instead of answering her phone.

Rachel’s death turns the town upside down. Suddenly Rachel’s Mexican heritage comes into play – despite the fact that Rachel spent her entire life with these people. Soon the mothers at church are whispering about Rachel and drugs and gangs and Jaycee doesn’t know what to believe. She does know one thing though – she and Rachel broke into an old house and Rachel saw something. Something that changed her forever and Jaycee is determined to find out just what went on that night and who is really responsible for her best friend’s death.

Okay, calling it right now: Dead Girls Don’t Lie is one of my TOP READS OF 2013. It’s that good, y’all. It had a distinct Pretty Little Liars vibe that I ADORED and a blindingly fast pace that kept me turning the page.

In order to solve the mystery behind Rachel’s death, Jaycee first needs to come to terms with it. Naturally she’s hesitant to visit Rachel’s mother – especially as part of the clean-up crew the church organized (the drive-by left the porch and Rachel’s bedroom in ruin). She’s also unsure whether or not she should tell her secret: the night they were in the old house, Rachel left with blood on her hands.

When a video from Rachel gets sent to her phone, Jaycee decides something needs to be done. Under Rachel’s instructions she teams up with Eduardo, much to the dismay of Skyler. With Eduardo – and occasionally Skyler – Jaycee pieces together the events leading up to Rachel’s death and what she uncovers is shocking.

Dead Girls Don’t Lie is one of those books I loved so much I can’t fully put into words. Plot twists I genuinely didn’t see coming and a constant parental presence were added bonuses to an already fantastic story. If you like smart – and delightfully creepy – mysteries, do yourself a favor and check out Dead Girls Don’t Lie.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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