My Week in Pictures: ONE

Hello, lovelies! I’m starting a new Sunday feature here called My Week in Pictures (super original, I know), inspired by Kelly’s My Life According to Instagram.

This week has been CRAZY AWESOME! While I live – and work – in Pittsburgh, I’m originally from a pretty rural town just outside the city. Multiple kids in my class lived on farms, guys. I love going home and take every opportunity to do so. Matt & I started our vacation last weekend and got together with my siblings to have a surprise birthday party for my dad. While we were there, I took Matt – a total city boy, not to mention BALTIMORE-BRED (which makes Steelers-Ravens games full-on bloodbaths in our house) – to visit the neighbor’s horse. And I do mean neighbor. This guy is right in our backyard! On twitter I tweeted a picture of Matt’s first encounter with the horse. BABY STEPS, Y’ALL! I’ll turn him into a country boy one day. Also on twitter: one of the neighboring llamas!. The white one was super funny and very energetic. The chocolate one sat in the grass like a bump on a log.

Before packing and heading out of town for the week we stopped by the Pittsburgh Zoo, one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE places ever. We got to pet sting rays and nearly trampled on a peacock who was just roaming about the zoo doing his own thang. The jellyfish were really fun to watch! There was a new exhibit featuring a red panda and it was absolutely adorable guys!

And then Monday rolled around. Matt & I (+ a really good friend) rented a cabin out by Lake Erie. It was only a two hour drive, but it was just far enough away to get away from things and relax. On the way we listened to an audiobook (keep an eye out for the review soon!) and overall, it was an awesome drive. Seriously, driving through Pennsylvania is gorgeous. We’ve got lots of hills + trees and when the leaves begin to turn there’s truly nothing like it. So perfect.

HOWEVER! The second we pulled into the campground we saw signs posted everywhere about a recent string of bear sightings. (Okay, let’s back up a minute. Leah = country girl, Matt = city boy. I’ve had my share of bear sightings growing up whereas Matt hasn’t.) I wasn’t too nervous – we were in a cabin after all – but it was still exciting thinking we could potentially be mauled by some bears.

This past week was spent lazing about and I got a few books finished, so keep an eye out for those reviews as well (though I’m STILL trying to finish The Coldest Girl in Coldtown..things aren’t going well with this one). Splashing around in the water was fun too 8)

The night before we headed home Matt and I found this really beautiful old house that WAS ACTUALLY A RESTAURANT! How fantastic is that?! + their sweet potato fries were divine

What did you guys do this week??

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