never underestimate the logic of 4-year-olds

It’s been pretty quiet here this week and next week is the reason why: VACATION! This week has been spent packing, repacking, making sure we have everything, planning things to do until check-in, the usual.

Yesterday, however, was a little get-together at my mom’s and I wanted to share with you guys something my niece did that made me laugh.

There’s a little bunny that likes to visit my mom’s & the neighbor’s yards. Yesterday it hopped into my mom’s yard and naturally my nieces (2 & 4) were ecstatic. Haha, their excitement scared the poor thing and it fled to the safety of the neighbor’s yard. Then this occurred:

In an attempt to lure it back, Ava grabbed her stuffed bunny – with an enticing stuffed carrot! – and set it facing the fence where the bunny could see it. FRIEND!

Lo & behold, a few minutes later:


:) Clearly 4-year-olds are brilliant. Do any of you have nieces or nephews? LET’S SHARE STORIES!


3 thoughts on “never underestimate the logic of 4-year-olds

  1. Our babies are so sweet! Before they left, Ava insisted that we leave a toy carrot in the yard for the bunny to eat when it comes back. Then when she was here on Friday she was all “Meem, where’s that carrot I left for the bunny?!?

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