weekend miscellanea

hipstertourists Happy Sunday, lovelies! This weekend Matt & I have been SUPER BUSY and it’s been a blast!

A family friend of his is a ridiculously awesome metalworker and was selling some of his things at a festival. I am seriously all about any kind of craft-y festivals (+ ANTIQUES!!) so naturally we took a ride. I was in heaven. For real. This town is part of Washington’s Trail, so the majority of the buildings in town are either preserved or designed to look like buildings from the 1700s. BE STILL, MY HEART.

Between the antiques and the coffee shops, I was absolutely delighted and totally in my element! Everyone was so friendly and we kept getting recommendations for their bakery. SAY NO MORE!

ooeygooeyheaven Now, I’m something of a dessert connoisseur. Believe me when I say this was, hands-down, the best cinnamon bun I’ve ever had. Enormous and hot and flaky and melty. Ooey gooey heaven. Perfection. Matt got a bearclaw that was easily bigger than my hand. Seriously, these desserts were meals on their own!

…naturally we bought extras of everything (including DELICIOUS salted caramel twists – they look like little pretzels!) to take home and now we have a magical box of treasures waiting for us in the kitchen.

In other not-as-tasty food news, I ATE CRICKETS! On our way home we stopped at our favorite market and I discovered they had crickets! I always up for trying new – and weird – foods and I talked Matt into eating them with me. Surprisingly enough, they weren’t bad. The heads were the crunchiest bits haha!

Part 2 of our weekend adventures happened today when we tried our hand at growing mint. I’m really, really excited about this and I’m hoping they won’t die on us (fingers crossed!!). At the festival we met a guy who had an insane amount of mint and I had NO idea there were so many different types! We bought four to start with: spearmint, apple mint, banana mint, & orange mint.

HAHA I set the pots on the windowsill by my computer so I won’t forget to water them.

As far as books go, I didn’t get much reading done yesterday, but I’m still working my way through Born of Illusion and I’m really enjoying it because MAGIC & 1920S.

How has your weekend been? Do anything fun? Have you grown mint (ohgodIdon’tknowwhatI’mdoing)??


4 thoughts on “weekend miscellanea

  1. oh wow sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Baked goods + historical stuff = be still my heart! I could do without the crickets though. Were they at least chocolate covered? :p

    I have never grown mint, so I can’t help you there (actually, I’ve failed to grow pretty much everything, so I’m really no use. If you want to learn how to kill your mint plants, then I can definitely help! My mom hoarded all the green-thumbedness in our family and I am left with a thumb black as tar).

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