The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle by Christopher Healy

herosguide Title: The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle (The League of Princes #2)
Author: Christopher Healy (twitter)
Pub. Date: April 30, 2013
Source: Library
Summary: Prince Liam. Prince Frederic. Prince Duncan. Prince Gustav. You remember them, don’t you? They’re the Princes Charming who finally got some credit after they stepped out of the shadows of their princesses – Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Briar Rose – to defeat an evil witch bent on destroying all their kingdoms.

But alas, such fame and recognition only last so long. And when the princes discover that an object of great power might fall into any number of wrong hands, they are going to have to once again band together to stop it from happening – even if no one will ever know it was they who did it.
Genre: MG, Fantasy, AWESOME
Rating: + ∞

Mere words cannot defeat a true hero. Unless they happen to be the words to some sort of Instant Death spell. Magic is scary.

Last year, The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom took the Middle Grade world by storm (read my 5-star review here!). The sequel, The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle was one of my most highly-anticipated 2013 releases and – spoiler! – Christopher Healy didn’t let me down!

With one adventure under their belt, the four Princes Charming – Liam, Gustav, Duncan, and Frederic – are back home and starting to feel a little restless. Prince Liam is dreading his upcoming wedding day; despite being all muscle, Gustav is once again the runt of his family; Frederic is suspicious of his wife’s friendship with Liam; Duncan is happy as can be and it’s driving the dwarves insane.

After Liam is kidnapped (by none other than his fiancee!), a messenger is sent to round up the remaining princes: it’s time for the League of Princes to join forces once more. This time they’re aided by Ella and Lila, Liam’s younger sister. Unfortunately, their rescue attempt doesn’t quite go according to plan and suddenly they’ve got an even bigger mission: retrieve an ancient heirloom that gives its wielder immense power. While the sword once belonged to Liam’s family, the pre-teen Bandit King Deeb Rauber now has it and he’s not giving it up that easily.

“I admire your ability to insult your friends while you defend them. It’s a rare talent.”

Unlike other sequels, going into this one I had no worries whatsoever. I couldn’t wait to jump back into this world and Storming the Castle is everything a sequel should be! All of my favorite characters are back, as well as a few new ones, and the humor is seriously top-notch. This is the perfect book to read aloud to a classroom – especially with the AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS!

Although this is a truly funny book, it does have a more serious side. Liam’s going through a pretty huge identity crisis after discovering a secret. He doesn’t feel as though he’s a real hero and that he’s been living a lie. I loved reading his worries and fears – though there were moments when I wanted to shake him silly.

“Who brings a giant on a stealth mission?”

For a league of Princes, it’s the ladies that steal this show. Ella, Lila, and Briar Rose are fantastic. Ella and Lila are totally kickass and Briar Rose is the embodiment of a spoiled brat. I also loved seeing more of the bounty hunter, Ruffian the Blue (or Mr. the Blue, as Snow White calls him). Seeing Papa Scoots Jr. and Mr. Troll once more made my heart happy. ♥

Okay, confession time: I hate writing reviews for books I love. It’s SO. HARD. trying to convey my feelings (all the feelings) in any sort of coherent manner. The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle is every bit as fantastic as the first book – if not better! It boasts a pretty decent page count – just shy of 500 pages! – but reading was a breeze. Whether you’re just starting the series or are eager to revisit this world, definitely check this one out. I see HUGE things happening in the third – including new romances??? – and I can’t wait!


8 thoughts on “The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle by Christopher Healy

  1. YES I hate writing reviews for books I love, and this book was SO hard to review. There are just so many different things to talk about! Quotes (I’d be quoting the whole book!), characters (love that you mentioned Papa Scoots Jr!) hijinks—it’s so much easier to say, “Just trust me. READ THIS BOOK NOW!”

    But you reviewed it wonderfully, and now I want to reread the book :)

    • ♥ THANK YOU. I can never put into words how much I love a book without sounding rambly or ridiculous and half the time I want to give up and just shove the book in someone’s face instead.

      I lost it when Papa Scoots Jr showed up. Oh, Duncan.

  2. Agreed, writing reviews for books I love are the HARDEST.

    I’m excited to read this one! Especially because it seems like the ladies are in it a bit more. I like the spin the author puts on them and my only regret of the first book is that we didn’t get to see much of them… although I guess that’s kind of the point, right? Cause it’s supposed to be the princes’ time to shine

    Anyways, YAYYY! Glad it didn’t let you down.

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