Edgar Allan Poe House to be reopened!

poehouse If you’re a regular reader of The Pretty Good Gatsby, you know I kind of like Poe. Truth-be-told, I first discovered him when I was 7 & nearly 20 years later he remains one of my all-time favorite writers.

If I was just a tad more narcissistic I’d say I’m something of an armchair scholar (!!) when it came to Poe. I’ve spent the majority of my life completely immersed in his and one of the best birthday presents I ever received was a 1840s edition of Marginalia.

Luckily for me, Baltimore is just a few hours drive from Pittsburgh (Gettysburg is just a few hours away too! This makes for one happy Leah & some SUPER FUN roadtrips) so I’ve had the chance to visit the Poe House on multiple occasions.

Last year it was announced that, due to a lack of funding, the Poe House would be closing. Naturally I was more than a little upset and made one final trip.

Last week, however, articles began reporting Poe Baltimore would be taking over. The group plans on reopening October 4 (just in time for the 164th anniversary of his death. Unfortunately, it will only be open weekends until spring 2014 when it will full reopen. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, there were be new additions made to the collection of Poe’s belongings, including a lock of his hair!! THIS IS SERIOUSLY EXCITING GUYS.

If you haven’t visited the house before, I definitely recommend it! It’s extremely tiny, but absolutely fascinating!

In addition to my collection of Poe-related books, I have a copy of The Poe Log, a painstakingly-researched book that provides an account of nearly every day of Poe’s life. Letters, conversations, sightings, lecture notes, his romance woes, you name it it’s in this book. This passage comes from a young Charles William Hubner (he later went on to become a poet in his own right) and it has always resonated with me:

While on my way to art school, when about fourteen years old, I passed a hospital, a plain coffin was being taken to a hearse standing at the curb, two gentlemen stood, with bared heads, while the attendants placed the caskets into the hearse. With boyish curiosity I asked of one of the men:
“Please sir, who are they going to bury?”
He replied: “My son, that is the body of a great poet, Edgar Allan Poe, you will learn all about him some day.”
The two men entered the only carriage which followed the hearse. I watched them as long as they were in sight.

Tell me: Are you a Poe fan? Have you visited the Poe House? Would you like to?

:) & be sure to check back tomorrow for a review of one of his short stories!


3 thoughts on “Edgar Allan Poe House to be reopened!

  1. I haven’t been to the Poe House (actually, I didn’t realize it had closed!), but am more familiar with the Poe Museum here in Richmond, VA. He spent part of his early life here and the museum has collected quite a bit of his belongings. If you ever make it this far south, it’s definitely worth checking out! I’m actually headed to Baltimore next weekend, I wish the Poe House would be open sooner.

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