Reading Kit: The Best Man

Last week I reviewed The Best Man by Kristan Higgins (check out the review here). Higgins is a goddess in the chick-lit world and my intro to her books was fantastic. I had so much fun reading The Best Man that I wanted to put together a “reading kit” full of all sorts of goodies taken from or inspired by the book!


image via packaging of the world
TISSUES: Yep, you’re gonna need them. Better yet, grab two boxes. I’m not a sappy, emotional reader at ALL, but I definitely shed my fair share of tears while reading The Best Man.

WINE: Naturally! Faith’s family owns a winery; how could I not include wine? I’ve always found that a glass (or bottle – hey, we’ve all been there!) can be perfect for a quiet night alone or during some much-needed girl time.

AUDREY HEPBURN/ZOMBIES MOVIES: Personally, when I think chick-lit, I think happy, light-hearted romance. Is there anyone better suited for a movie night than Ms. Hepburn? & while I’m not a big zombie fan, Faith’s go-to comfort movies involve the undead. So there you go! Fun fact: due to the filming of Night of the Living Dead being in Pittsburgh, every year we hold a Zombie Walk! Sadly, that beautiful poster is sold out.

BEN & JERRY’S: Never has a better duo graced the world. Faith is completely unashamed of the ever-growing collection of Ben & Jerry’s in her freezer and there are times when the situation calls for ice cream! For example: an afternoon curled up on the couch armed with a glass of wine, a box of tissues, and a sappy book.

Faith’s dog Blue plays a significant role in The Best Man & her dalmatian-print pj bottoms were scene-stealers on more than one occasion. This kenzi w sweater is to die for! It’s super cute and would look adorable and effortless with some skinny red jeans and Oxfords.

The Best Man takes place in a relatively tiny town in upstate New York. Even though I’m not a New Yorker, there’s something special about those bright lights that I can’t shake. This subway sign by Flying Junction has a totally cool vintage vibe and would look awesome on my wall.

& there you have it: a simple reading kit for one of this month’s top reads. Have you read The Best Man? :) What did you think??


3 thoughts on “Reading Kit: The Best Man

  1. Leah Renee you are so funny! Robin and I were laughing as we read this post! I can imagine how much fun you had writing this :)

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