Tea Time!


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Books and tea go hand-in-hand, no? Haha, funnily enough, as I’m writing this, I have a wonderfully hot cup of Earl Grey sitting right next to me.

While there are certainly tons of sites/brands I adore, I wanted to take some time and spread the love of a newly discovered favorite: Adagio Teas. A good friend of mine recently told me about this site and since then I’ve been drooling all over myself.

I could seriously spend hours looking through their teas (and have done so on several occasions!). They’ve got everything from Golden Monkey tea to Grapefruit Oolong to White Cucumber!

But the best part is, without a doubt, their Fandom Blends. You read that right. Fandom. Blends. Members can create their own tea blends for their favorite shows/books/characters! HOW COOL IS THAT. Naturally my favorites are the Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Sherlock blends, but there are thousands more. Literally. They currently have over 31,000 different blends!

John Watson’s blend, for example, includes cinnamon, black tea, and orange peels, among a bunch of other teas and flavors. Also – and this is a total fandom thing – it’s part of a ship. If you purchase both the Watson blend and the Sherlock blend, you save 20%!

I’d really love to try Ron Weasley’s blend (although, sadly, there’s no love for my favorite Weasley boy: Percy ♥). Almond, ginger, and cinnamon? YUM!

Sadly, the TARDIS blend was too awesome for Adagio – Earl Grey, blackberry, & vanilla! – and it’s temporarily out of stock, but you best believe that as soon as it’s back a pouch is coming home with me!

There’s just SO MUCH it’s overwhelming and I want all of them. How delicious does the Ridley Duchannes blend sound (vanilla, cherry, raspberry)??

Adagio is a tea-lover’s paradise. Are you a fan? What blends have you tried or would love to try??


4 thoughts on “Tea Time!

  1. I’ve been home from school sick with a sore throat…..sipping Darjeeling tea and honey! I have also had a wonderful rose tea. My son’s girlfriend is from Taiwan and she brought back a box of Jasmine tea for me from the oldest teahouse in Taiwan. The packaging is beautiful! Can I just say…not crazy about Jasmine tea. Thanks for the info about Adagio tea. I’m going to check out the site!

  2. I too love tea, but these days I can only have decaf as caffeine makes my heart race, so I am limited in the teas I can have. We have a big store here, T2, and they sell choc mint rooibos – it’s delish!

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