teaser tuesday 2/12: pivot point

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Each week participants share a few teaser sentences from their current read.

My teaser this week comes from Kasie West’s Pivot Point, which officially comes out today! Time travel and alternate realities is something I’d love to see more of and Pivot Point does a great job of creating two distinct worlds that feel completely plausible.

“Yes, rules.” I start listing off the things he needs to know about the Compound. “They can’t leave without permission. Nobody on the outside knows about them.”


“Well, only the other people with abilities. There are people with superpowers living outside the Compound, but they have to keep their identities a secret. Let’s make some really smart famous people in history have superpowers too.”

“Like who?”

I pretend to think of some, even though I already know the famous Paras who lived in the Normal world throughout history. “Like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and Einstein.”

– pg. 187 of the e-ARC

Interested in more? Check back later today for my full-review!


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