adult snow day!

My poor little car in the aftermath this morning.

I’m not a big fan of winter. We’ve been spoiled here in Pittsburgh – up until the middle of December I could still go outside in just a hoodie (just a week or two ago it was so warm it was t-shirt weather!). That said, I had hoped for a White Christmas. Unfortunately, we didn’t get one, but yesterday made up for it.

Yesterday we had a huge snowstorm. Yesterday I was also supposed to return to work. Matt & I live on a hill and it hadn’t been plowed by the time I was leaving, so I was pretty tempted to call off. Instead, I decided to take it slow (I left nearly two hours early!) and it was awful. NONE of the roads – not even the highway! – had been plowed and I didn’t get above 15mph.

Finally I got a call from my boss saying that the bookstore was closing because it was so bad out. Okay, guys, this is huge. I’ve been there a few years and yesterday was the first time since I’ve been working there that we’ve closed the store because of the weather and only the second time since the store has existed that this has happened.

Needless to say I was super relieved and used the day to get caught up on some reading!

I’m nearly finished with Beautiful Creatures; I’ve less than 100 pages to go and I’m shocked by how quickly I’ve managed to get through this massive book. It’s nearly 600 pages! Enormous.

Check back for the review soon!


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