2012 · 3 stars · mystery

review; deadly row to hoe

Title: Deadly Row to Hoe (Home Crafting Mystery #6)
Author: Cricket McRae
Pub. Date: November, 2012
Summary: As a member of a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, Sophie Mae wrangles weeds in exchange for tasty, organic treats. But she almost loses her appetite when a dead body is found in the compost heap. The murder victim is Darla Klick, an ornithologist. Between baby-making dates with her husband, the police detective, Sophie Mae decides to really get her hands dirty and discover who killed the young, sweet-natured “bird lady.”
Genre: Cozy Mystery

It’s no secret I have a huge love of cozies. They’re so fun and silly and make the perfect afternoon read. They’re also fairly easy to follow which makes jumping in at any book in a series totally doable. So despite never having read the first five Home Crafting Mystery books, I leaped at the chance to review this newest addition.

The best thing about cozies is that they’re so unique. My favorite series, for example, is about a psychic detective. There’s a series about a White House chef, a cheese shop, you name it, there’s a series for it. This series deals with organic farming and homemade products like soap and lip balm. An interesting fact about me: I’m actually really interested in learning how to make my own soap. This book only solidified my curiosity.

Sophie Mae lives with her husband Barr (a police officer), her best friend Meghan, and Meghan’s 12-year old daughter Erin in a quiet rural community. The Turner family owns and operates a large farm and for a yearly fee members can collect a portion of the harvest. Sophie Mae helps out on the farm and it’s there a body is discovered in a compost heap.

In the past Sophie Mae has helped out with cases and it’s only natural for her to want to join in on the investigation. Ignoring the concerned advice from her husband and friends (particularly since Sophie Mae and Barr are trying to have a baby), Sophie Mae jumps in and winds up getting for than she bargained for.

Deadly Row to Hoe was a mere 250 and the pacing makes it feel like half that. Cozies are typically easy to figure out and this one was no exception (although early on I had suspected a different character of being the killer). The characters were fun and even minor characters like Sophie Mae’s two employees were fleshed-out and I got a real feel for their personalities.

Whether you’re already a fan or are completely new to this series, Deadly Row to Hoe will make for a great read. Lightning fast with lots of humor, it’s definitely a book that will hold your attention and can be finished in one sitting. Throughout the story there were lots of great backstory details that not only helped me get to know these characters, but also piqued my interest in the rest of the series. :) Don’t be surprised if you see reviews for the first five books soon!


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