stacking the shelves 11/17

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where we show off all the goodies we received throughout the week!

Just two books this week, but they’re wildly different. One has a very British, very Downton Abbey-esque feel, while the other deals with fey & demons. :) Pretty excited about both!

What did you get this week??

In Case You Missed It
I fell madly in love for B.A. Shaprio’s debut novel, The Art Forger and the way it intricately wove mystery, romance, and espionage together while being wickedly smart and making the art world accessible to non-artists.

Still on my The Art Forger high, I discussed the very real art theft that was the backbone of the novel in a new edition of History 101. Over $500 million worth of artwork was stolen in 1990 and to this day the case remains open. VERY INTERESTING STUFF, GUYS!

My highlight of the week was attending a Neil Gaiman lecture!!! He discussed all sorts of things, from how he came up with the idea for Stardust, to his regret over not putting De Niro in drag in the novel, to his new books (& gave us a preview!) Of course Doctor Who also came up.

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