DNFs, slumps, & you.

Lately I’ve been noticing a pattern among the bloggers I follow: that dreaded reading slump has been making the rounds and it’s been relentless.

So many people have either been experiencing really awful luck with books or they simply can’t muster up the energy to sit down and read a book period, crappy or otherwise.

To say I’ve managed to escape it would be a lie. It’s been extremely quiet on the blog these past few weeks and it’s certainly not because I’ve been having a grand old time. I have been lucky in that the past few reviews I’ve posted have been for novels I absolutely adored, but it’s been taking me ages to get through books I’d normally be able to get through in a day or two.

Why are we dealing with this? Why aren’t people able to find a book to read when they’ve got thousands sitting unread? I can’t imagine it’s the quality of books that’s lacking. I think the answer lies with the changing weather.

I know I’m not the only one who wants to crawl away and hide (somewhere warm, thank you!) until spring gets here. It’s actually so common it’s referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Once those temperatures drop and the days shorten, moods typically follow.

When slumps hit, people usually take a break or go straight for a comfort read. At the moment I’m reading a book by an author I love and it’s definitely helping.

Also, around this time of year I love to snuggle under my blankets with a cup of tea and get into a good mystery (Agatha Christie is GREAT for these types of days & I’ve got a review for one of her books coming soon).

Are you going through a slump right now? What tricks do you have for getting out of it?


6 thoughts on “DNFs, slumps, & you.

  1. I DNF’d 4 books in the last 2 months. I don’t DNF books period. It’s so odd…..I do like the explanation. It would explain why all I seem to do is snuggle up in bed.

  2. I’m terrible at DNFing if I’m reading for review — I want to give books a fair shake — but it sort of maintains that ‘meh’ feeling if I keep reading something that doesn’t work. I need to pull out an old favorite — like Rebecca — to spur me on again.

  3. I’ve definitely been in a slump lately, bouncing from novel to novel, and I can’t seem to settle into any one — which is supremely annoying, actually! I’m sure you’re right about the weather. Plus, in the fall, I’m so busy and crazy and loopy with wanting to capture leaves and drink cider and carve pumpkins that my attention span is limited. Hope our slump ends soon!

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