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review; the hero’s guide to saving your kingdom

Title: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Author: Christopher Healy
Pub. Date: May, 2012
Summary: Prince Liam. Prince Frederic. Prince Duncan. Prince Gustav. You’ve never heard of them, have you? These are the princes who saved Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, respectively, and yet, thanks to those lousy bards who wrote the tales, you likely know them only as Prince Charming. But all of this is about to change. Rejected by their princesses and cast out of their castles, Liam, Frederic, Duncan, and Gustav stumble upon an evil plot that could endanger each of their kingdoms. Now it’s up to them to triumph over their various shortcomings, take on trolls, bandits, dragons, witches, and other assorted terrors, and become the heroes no one ever thought they could be.
Genre: MG, Fantasy, AWESOME

Prince Charming has no idea how to use a sword; Prince Charming has no patience for dwarfs; Prince Charming has an irrational hatred of capes.

Every once in a while you’ll come across a book so magical, so wonderful that you think about it long after you’ve reached the end. The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is that book. Part of me wants to end the review here and now and force all of you to go out and buy a copy. It was that good.

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom tells the real story of the Princes Charming – yes, the Prince Charming we all know and love wasn’t one guy. In fact, it turns out there were four. And their names definitely weren’t Charming. Nope. Frederic, Duncan, Liam, and Gustav saved the day and got the girl only to have their identities forgotten.

Cinderella’s Charming, Prince Frederic, isn’t your typical hero. He would much rather have a nice picnic or look at art than face down hoards of monsters (it would ruin his clothes!). Prince Liam plays the hero to a fault. Unfortunately, his kingdom only praises him because his parents arranged a marriage with Sleeping Beauty and her kingdom is beyond rich. Snow White grew a little tired of Prince Duncan’s…quirks. Any animal he sees he decides to name (dwarfs included – Flik, Frak, and Frank – and dubbed his horse Papa Scoots) and is convinced he has magical powers. Lastly, Prince Gustav. He set out to rescue Rapunzel from her tower only to meet a particularly nasty witch and his sixteen older brothers have yet to let him live it down.

“Oh, give me a break,” Liam yelled, and stomped his foot in anger. “Why is there a dragon here? Nobody mentioned a dragon!”

When word gets out that the kingdoms’ bards have been kidnapped, the princes decide that now is their chance to prove they really are heroes (and, you know, the bards will be so overjoyed they’ll write new songs that make the princes look MUCH better). If only it were that simple. Along the way they have to face goblins, trolls, the Bandit King (who is actually only 10, so oh so very terrible), a very well-spoken giant, and even a dragon.

I could seriously go on and on about this book. At 430+ pages, it’s definitely a meaty book – especially for MG! – but it could have been 1,000 pages and I would have loved every second. The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom had absolutely everything I wanted in a book – including pictures and a map! Christopher Healy is now on my autobuy list. Do yourself a favor and pick this book up. You’ll be happy you did.


10 thoughts on “review; the hero’s guide to saving your kingdom

  1. This seems like a super cute read! I just added it to my tr list! :) I’m surprised it’s over 400 pages! Isn’t that kind of steep for a MG book?

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