discussion; when to give up on a book?

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We all hate not being able to finish a book, but how far do you push yourself to read a book before finally deciding enough’s enough?

I’ve been reading a book for over two weeks now and I’m not feeling it one bit. It’s not like the book is painfully long or about a subject I hate (on the contrary, it’s under 300 pages and is reminiscent of one of my favorite series). I’ve thought a lot about why I’m not connecting with this book – I’ve actually chose to do laundry & dishes a few nights instead of reading – and the only thing I can come up with is the book’s pitch.

The book is being described as being just like a series I fell in love with as a child and with that kind of connection in my mind, I suppose subconsciously I’m expecting that series and since this book is pretty different (in my eyes), it falls flat and leaves me disappointed. Disappointed to the point where I don’t even want to read it anymore.

What do you do when faced with a book you really don’t want to read? Normally if it was just one I had decided to read for fun, I’d have dropped it ages ago. However, this isn’t just one I’m reading for reviewing purposes, but for a book tour. It’s for that reason that I feel obligated to stick it out and see it through to the end. I know, I know. I can always get in touch with the person organizing the tour, but I just wouldn’t feel right.


3 thoughts on “discussion; when to give up on a book?

  1. I sooo understand what you’re talking about. I too just recently had a book like that. The worst part was I kept seeing it on blogs as I was surfing the web to avoid reading it, and EVERYONE seemed to have nothing but rave reviews for it. I hate it when that happens cause then I feel there is something wrong with me. That I’m just not getting it.
    I refused to just put myself out of my misery though, first because I was reviewing the book for another blog not my own. Second, and I haven’t figured out if this is eternal optimism or masochism. But I’m always convinced that maybe, just maybe I’ll turn the page and the whole book will change and start getting better. (I’m usually wrong, but can’t seem to learn from my mistakes)
    I think you should stick it out though and give your review, you probably aren’t the only one that doesn’t like the book. Who knows maybe you will be saving someone else from the misery.
    Just curious, and I understand if you don’t tell, but what book?

    1. ugh, it’s AWFUL when everyone loves a book and I wind up hating it. I had that problem with Divergent. I put it off and put it off, but finally caved in and fully expected to love it since the entire world did. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into it.

      With this particular book, though (The Rifts of Rime) I stuck it out as long as I did for exactly the reason you do: I kept hoping I’d turn the page and be blown away.

  2. I think it is okay to not like a book and i even think its possible for a book to be not so good and still have people rave about it. But its also possible for a book to be really good and have some people just not get it or to not get the difference between whats good and bad and whats just a matter of their opinion or preference. What i shy away from is when there are a lot of raves and the one who doesn’t like it doesn’t seem willing to agree that maybe it is her or him – maybe the fact that you don’t get it is about you not getting it. I also don’t like it when a reviewer who does not like a book reposts their negative remarks on every single forum everywhere – if you are the problem, do you really want to announce that to the world?
    But when to give up on a book? If you have to review it you have to read it because thats what a reviewer does. If its just a recommendation you thought you might like and don’t like it, there are no rules – 5 pages, 50 pages, stop whenever you want. Theres plenty of unread books out there.

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