teaser tuesday 5/15

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Each Tuesday participants share a sentence or two from their current read(s).

I have two teasers for you guys this week. The first comes from a fun MG novel, The Rifts of Rime, the first book in the Quickened Chronicles.

Leafe stared at the crowd, but words failed her. She tried to put on a brace posture. She wanted to look like the leader she was supposed to be, but it was as hard for her to believe what was happening as for anyone.

My other teaser comes from Storm, a novel that’s currently taking the blogging community by, well, storm.

I actually had no interest in reading this book, but saw it a few days ago at work and decided to give it a shot. …I’m absolutely hooked. ♥

She froze. Fire sat on his palm. Not like his hand was burning, but a suspended flame, as if his hand had lifted the plume of fire off a candlewick. A blue base climbed to orange and red as it flickered there.


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