quality vs. quantity debate

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Quality vs. Quantity

This is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, and I’m sure there are plenty of other bloggers who have considered it at one point: when it comes to book reviews, which is better? The quality of your books or the number of your reviews?

We’ve all seen the bloggers who seem to post an ungodly amount of book reviews a day. I’m positive a good portion is due to scheduling posts – I’ve certainly taken advantage of wordpress’s schedule feature. Even with scheduled posts, there are bloggers who seem to have an ability to read ten books for each book I read.

I clearly don’t post five reviews a day and even if I wanted to there’s no way I could possibly do that (seriously, how do you guys manage it???). & this brings me to the other side of the debate: quality. Even though there aren’t an abundance of new posts daily, I’d like to think the reviews I do post are well-written and properly express my views.

What do you think? Would you rather follow a blog with many posts a day or blogs that might only post a few times a week, yet those reviews are descriptive and carefully written?


4 thoughts on “quality vs. quantity debate

  1. I know I’m pretty bad about not posting as often as I’d like. But I would personally rather read one well thought out and in-depth review rather than multiple short ‘n sweet reviews.

    That reminds me that I need to finish/post my “Insurgent” review!

  2. I definitely would rather read a quality review. After all it’s a review. I want to know why the person loved the book, or for that matter hated it. Even if it means they put some spoilers in. (I know sometimes when I try to write without spoilers I tend to feel I’m not explaining myself fully if I have a problem with the book and don’t give a reason)
    Also until recently I didn’t always have a stable internet connection. So trying to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers was overwhelming when they had 4-5 posts a day. I’m not complaining too much though, cause if I like a blog enough to read a whole months worth of posts to see whats going on on the blog for an event or whatever, then obviously I have to think the blog is good. But in the end I do prefer quality over quantity when it comes to my reviews.

  3. Leah, your blog is the only book blog I read. I love to read your reviews. You put a lot of thought into what you write and because your reviews are so indepth I have read some books I would never have picked upbefoore. By the way, I felt that The House of Velvet and Glass was only ok.

  4. Effort, passion, and execution. That is what makes a blog worth reading. I know first hand how much you put into all that you do. I have to agree with your mom, your blog is the only one I can say that I enjoy reading every post.


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