finally putting in my 2¢

For those of you who have not been living under a rock this past week, I’m sure you’re well aware of the recent plagiarism shock that sent waves throughout not only the book blogging community, but blogging in general.

Coincidentally, this past week I moved, so the majority of my free time was devoted to unpacking. Because of this, I missed the initial reveal. To be honest, I think that was a good thing (at least for me). I’m definitely an emotions-driven person and I definitely needed a few days to calm down, relax, and examine both sides. All too easy we pick and choose who to ‘root’ for based on the person being our friend, favorite blogger, someone we look up to, etc.

Now that I’ve had a chance to get my thoughts together I’m ready to talk about this issue.

Kelly at Radiant Shadows just made an excellent post on the matter and I wholeheartedly agree with her plan of action. Like I commented on her post, saying and doing are two separate things. Anyone can say they’re appalled, but unless they do something, it’s fruitless.

I read and reread both of Kristi’s apologies and, honestly, I find them a little hard to believe. She very well could be genuinely sorry for her actions, but I feel she’s more sorry she was caught. & to say the matter was handled privately just shouts shady. It’s obvious to point out she should have known better and, yes, everyone makes mistakes, but Kristi is at the forefront of the YA blogging community. She has thousands of followers and has been the inspiration for countless new blogs. She completely goes against everything she’s preached with her recent actions.

While I feel twitter hashtags verge on bullying, I do hope there are some sort of repercussions for this mess. Loss of author/publisher contacts perhaps? I for one, won’t be a follow of her blog anymore, nor will I continue to follow her on Twitter.

Ha, I suppose in the end my emotions still got the better of me, seeing as how this post is all over the place. In the end though, I truly hope Kristi (as well as other book bloggers) learns something from this. Don’t be jerks, guys. Don’t steal other people’s work. What’s the point of blogging if you can’t write your own material?


2 thoughts on “finally putting in my 2¢

  1. Everything you said. I pretty much feel the exact same way. Kristi was one of the first blogs I really followed, and I admired her branding and prowess with the book world. Even as I realized my preference wouldn’t be YA, I still read her and respected her — and I’m super disappointed by her response.

  2. I also missed most of this when it happened (I wasn’t reading my Twitter feed as closely as usual due to craziness at work) and so I just caught up on the entire thing today.

    I am in complete agreement with you in regards to her apologies. I don’t feel that she genuinely apologize for what she did, I think she just apologized for getting caught and letting the blogging community down. I would rather see her own up honestly to her mistake, apologize for her actions (and to the site’s she “borrowed” from) and commit to being truthful going forward.

    I’m not new to the blogging community, but I definitely stay on the fringes of it and I’m not super involved in things that happen. As a result I know I’m not as invested as others and they may feel completely differently than I do.

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