this or that…saturday 2/11

This or That is a new meme hosted at Radiant Shadows.

Every Thursday she’ll post two books with similar characters/covers/etc and you choose which one you feel is better.

Q: Which wolf mythology do you prefer? The one where the transformation is seen as a curse or the one where the transformation is a synchronization of two forms working together seamlessly?

Ooh, I like this one! Awesome question!

Unfortunately, I don’t read many werewolf novels. However, I think I enjoy the curse angle way better. It has a true mythological feel to me, something akin to the Brothers Grimm or Old World folklore. Monsters were monsters, not sympathetic, misunderstood creatures.

That said, my boyfriend & I are HUGE fans of Grimm and one of the characters is a werewolf and he’s just fantastic. :)


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