january in review

It’s February already?? I can’t believe we’re already two months in to the new year; it seems like I was just celebrating New Years!

The new year started off, well…horribly. I read and review Divergent and all but hated it. However, the world quickly righted itself with The Gathering Storm, a book I’m still thinking about nearly a month later.

I did a throwback review with Fool, despite not being able to finish it (and the blame is entirely on me; other things got in the way and I had to return it to the library before finishing).

January 19 was Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday and I celebrated by reviewing one of his lesser-known short stories, Some Words With a Mummy. Poe has had an enormous influence on me, my writing, my career choice – basically my entire existence – and he holds a special place in my heart.

In Session was another DNF; it was an fan-fiction story written by a respected author and it was just plain weird.

Things kept going downhill from there with another older book, Improper English. I had caught a pretty bad cold and wanted some fluffy chick-lit to keep me entertained. Unfortunately, this was not it.

And it went from bad to worse with the last review of the month, The Curse of the Romanovs. Write a book about the Romanovs – especially one where one (or more) survive and I’m sold. However, this one was awful. Alexei, the heir to the throne, did a little time-travelling to New York, 2010. He fell in love with his cousin and became a pro at texting. Just…no.

Other fun stuff: I participated in Busting the Newbie Blues which was awesome, I started a new feature called Shelf Talkers where I discuss off-the-wall/awesome things I overhear at work, and decided to go for it and change my blog’s name.

So far so good!


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