shelf talkers

shelf talkers; jane eyre

Shelf Talkers is a new feature I’m introducing where I mention the odd & awesome things I overhear while at work (I work at a used book store).

Yesterday night things were pretty slow: it had been raining pretty hard that day and despite the warmer-than-normal temperatures, not many people were out and about.

I was getting ready to shelve some books when a woman came over to me and asked for help finding some books. She said she didn’t have any titles, but she was looking for any books written by Jane Eyre.. & when I mentioned the title is Jane Eyre, she didn’t believe me. Ha.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. She seemed to be a fairly educated woman; I’m a bit perplexed that she had never heard of the book (or had been assigned to read it in school).


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